Corvid trap

1.On receipt shake the cage in order

2.Fasten the outer sides with the straps provided

3.Fasten the inner sides with the straps provided Whilst doing this make sure the springdoors are facing you and continue to move freely.

4.When the structure is solid ,place the 15" pieces of wood in opposite corners of the centre cage as a perch for the decoy bird, put the plastic cover on top to protect this bird from inclement weather and provide sufficient food and drink. Leave the front unfastened until it accommodates a decoy.

5.Put two 6" wood pieces lenghwise together and position them diagonally between the inner site of the outer panel and approx the middle of the (opened) springdoor at about 4" height. This should provide an opened springdoor of approx 8".

6.Do the same on the other side and provide bait in both cages. When a bird lands on the pieces of wood perches- they will separate and snap the cagedoor tight.

7.Put the decoy in the centre cage and reset the trap(s). You may find it useful to mark the 6" pieces of wood where they meet to ensure that you can subsequently keep them straight.Otherwise it may become somewhat difficult to keep them straight after frequent use

The important factor with a Larsen or Corvid trap is that it uses a live decoy bird. You MUST provide the decoy bird with food, water, shelter, a perch, enough room to stretch its wings and you MUST inspect the trap at least every day. In extremes of weather (heavy rain, snow, direct sunlight or wind) more protection should be used on the sides of the decoy cage.

In the UK it is illegal to use a larsen or corvid trap to catch other bird species
You may require a license to operate this trap. The trap when not in use must have all doors tied in closed position

As with all live capture, The trap is only as good as the person setting it.

Legal Constraints There are several legal constraints that you must be aware of: You may need a licence to operate this trap, Once set, the trap must, by law, be checked at least once every 24 hours.

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