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The one way funnel design of the trap leads the crayfish in, and it's imposible for them to get out.

The Crayfish Traps should be placed in the water near the bank with the entrance of the traps facing downstream. It may be necessary to secure the traps with bolders or tie them to something imovable.

The crayfish traps should be baited using meat , fish or tinned cat food.

The hinged door is released by pushing up on the slide, empty the captured crayfish into a bucket of water.

Legal Constraints There are several legal constraints that you must be aware of: Once set, the trap must, by law, be checked at least once every 24 hours. In the UK You WILL require a licence to use this or any crayfish trap

Trap maintenance, periodically lubricate all moving parts using a smear of petroleum jelly. When the trap is laid up out of use wrap the whole trap in an oil soaked rag.

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