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The Trap Man 14" Humane Rat Trap Setting instructions

How to catch a rat using The Trap Man Rat trap, Using this Rat trap is easy, pull the setting bar forward from under the spring securing it, clip on the setting bar in the center of the cage door, 2nd horizontal bar down,(you can squeeze the loop closed using pliers to prevent it coming off) open the cage door and fit the end of the setting rod through the eye on the bait hook situated on top of the trap, make sure the door locking bar is above the setting bar. Bait with half cooked bacon OR kipper, put the bait on the hook inside the cage, then securely wire it to the hook. fuse wire or freezer bag wire works well

Once set and baited place rat trap with the gate near but not touching a wall, fence line or obvious rat run and at a right angle to it, so that the rats have to pass under the open cage door between the Rat trap and the wall or fence. Make sure the setting rod and cage door do not foul on rubbish or debris thus preventing the Rat trap operating effectively. lift the trap on to a brick or breeze block to prevent hedgehogs from gaining entry. Once baited visually check each day but avoid disturbing the trap.

The small rear gate is designed to act as a secondary opening to entice more rats in once the main trap has "tripped". This Rat trap is a true multi catch rat trap capable of catching more than one rat at a time and is designed to catch whole families of rats. You may not catch the rat during the first week... or the second. Rats are smart !. They don't want to be caught, and they won't go for the bait unless there is no other food available.

If the bait is being eaten and the trap is not being tripped the probable reason are that mice or similar small animals are taking the bait the animals are not heavy enough to trip the trap, if you suspect this is happening raise the trap clear of the ground.

Legal Constraints There are several legal constraints that you must be aware of: Once set, the trap must, by law, be checked at least once every 24 hours. The legal methods of despatch are shooting, a single blow to the head, or humane despatch by a vet. It is illegal and inhumane to drown, stab, batter or cause unnecessary suffering to the animal.

Trap maintenance, periodically lubricate all moving parts using a smear of petroleum jelly. When the trap is laid up out of use wrap the whole trap in an oil soaked rag.

Legal Constraints There are several legal constraints that you must be aware of: You may need a licence to operate this trap, Once set, the trap must, by law, be checked at least once every 24 hours.

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