Please note. Have you made adequate arrangement for the captured animal ?

Fox Trap Assembly and setting instructions, Unpack and inspect the trap. Flat pack fox trap, lift the panel's and temporarily make the cage to size, turn the cage so that it stands vertically on the open end, position the end panel and locate the fixing tabs, fold these tabs and locate them in a mesh hole approximately two squares from the end of the cage, fold the end of the tab through the hole, bend and pull it with a pair of pliers, fix the others in the same way ensuring the trap remains "square"

Turn the trap onto the end panel and locate the slide assembly, fit the slide assembly to the open end making sure the mesh fits inside the angle frame (pressure on the mesh side panel's will help to get the mesh inside the angle of the slide assembly) and the slide guides are at the top of the trap ( the top can be identified by locating the setting bar that is clipped to the top panels of the cage) Fit the clips onto the slide assembly and one by one clip these to the mesh three holes in from each side, these clips can be folded over using pliers to make the trap more rigid
bend tag . pull tag with pliers . fox trap door should look like trap slide assembly

Place the trap on the ground with the slide guides vertical, side the door into the guides, locate the setting bar and pull it so that the door rests on the setting bar at approximately the 2nd hole in the bottom of the door, run the bait wire along the underside of the top panel of the cage and 6 inches from the end of the cage bring the bait hook through , open the small bait door at the back of the trap and attach suitable bait to the hook (kipper, half cooked bacon, mackerel etc) and firmly tie or wire the bait to the hook, wrap the bait wire round the bait to take up any slack, place the hook back around the wire to secure.

The optional treadle utilizes the bait wire to hook the treadle The bait wire is passed under the RHS of the treadle and hooked on the LHS of the underside of the treadle. Make sure that any slack in the wire is taken up, reposition the hook if needed, as the treadle is stepped on the bait wire and setting bar is pulled and the door drops, To open the door press in at the base with your booted foot and slide the door up. Please note the cage is not designed to transport the captured animalAs with all live capture, The trap is only as good as the person setting it.

Legal Constraints There are several legal constraints that you must be aware of: You may need a licence to operate this trap, Once set, the trap must, by law, be checked at least once every 24 hours.

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