The Trap Man Mink Trap Setting instructions. Unpack your trap from the box (if supplied) Place thumb on lever with the spring attached on the right of cage (cage door facing you) press firmly down this will unlock and open door.  Place you left hand inside the door opening, whilst holding the door to the roof of the cage, pull the setting bar towards the front of the cage, this will engage the end of the setting rod just through the open part at the base of the door, remove your left hand slowly and release the door. The door should now be suspended by the setting bar, the treadle should be at approximately 30°. The trap is now set, place it along the path that the mink has made exiting the water, the entrance can be submerged but the cage should be covered over to produce a tunnel effect clear at both ends. Placing the trap on a log or beam suspended across a ditch proves effective as the mink will use this as a bridge to get to the other side. Baiting  under the trap directly under the treadle using flattened out mackerel or tinned cat food. Raise the carrying handle clear of the trap, to prevent your fingers being bitten by the captured animal.

Place thumb on lever with the spring attached on the right of cagePlace you left hand inside the door opening setting bar

Dealing with trapped animals Any non-target animals (red squirrels, birds, hedgehogs, etc.) must be released immediately. Open the door of the trap, tie or fix the door open and move quietly away to let the animal escape. Hedgehogs can be prevented from entering the trap by putting a brick or similar sized object under the door end of the trap thus raising it sufficiently to prevent hedgehog's from entering the trap. Captured mink can be humanely dispatched by placing the open end of a hessian sack around the door of the trap. Run the mink into the sack and manoeuvre it so that its head is in the corner then kill with a single blow to the head. If you are unfamiliar with this method of killing small mammals, take the animal (in the trap and inside a sack) to a vet for humane despatch. It is illegal to release a mink once captured.
Legal Constraints There are several legal constraints that you must be aware of: Once set, the trap must, by law, be checked at least once every 24 hours. The legal methods of despatch are shooting, a single blow to the head, or humane despatch by a vet. It is illegal and inhumane to drown, stab, batter or cause unnecessary suffering to the animal. Some vets will humanely despatch mink for people using live-traps. Always phone the vet first to check that they will be available and ask about charges.

Trap maintenance, periodically lubricate all moving parts using a smear of petroleum jelly. When the trap is laid up out of use wrap the whole trap in an oil soaked rag.

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