Unpack the trap from the box and give it a shake to centre to weighted door.

Using the The Monarch, Rat Trap is simple, bait inside the rear compartment with kipper or part cooked bacon, place the funneled entrance end 2" away from but not touching a wall, fence line or obvious rat run and at a right angle to it, so that the rats have to pass the open funnel entrance door. Pre bait just in front of the entrance funnel with bread or corn and sprinkle some through the top of trap..........NOT too much we don't want to give the rats a hearty meal we want the rats to be enticed into the funnel opening of the rat trap and through the one way door into the rear holding compartment where you placed the strong smelling bait, capture is inevitable.

Please note it is better to position multi live catch Rat Trap on a solid surface to prevent the rats digging under the trap to access the bait. Also the trap will work better if no other food source is available to the rats. You may not catch the rat during the first week... or the second. Don't keep moving the trap just check it each day.....rats are wary of new things......let the rats become accustomed to the trap.

Rats are smart ! They don't want to be caught, and they won't go for the bait unless there is no other food available

Release is just as simple place the Rat Trap on the floor and turn the wing nut on the rear door, The door will hinge down and the captured rats can be removed,or more likely they will run out.

Be sure to use gloves when setting the trap and releasing the rat, wash your hands after use.

Legal Constraints There are several legal constraints that you must be aware of: Once set, the trap must, by law, be checked at least once every 24 hours. The legal methods of despatch are shooting, a single blow to the head, or humane despatch by a vet. It is illegal and inhumane to drown, stab, batter or cause unnecessary suffering to the animal.

You may need a licence to operate this trap, Once set, the trap must, by law, be checked at least once every 24 hours.

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