Place the 30" x 30" panel to one side for later.

Place the 30" x 30" panel with the four attached 30" x 12" panels on the floor, raise each side panel and place a tie on each corner.

Form the entrance tunnel and fit the ties between the bottom two sides and the entrance, this should form a tapered funnel inside the wire cage.

Fit the 30" x 30" panel to the top using ties

Only fasten the side opposite the entrance funnel with two sacrificial ties OR use two wire ties, this can be opened to release the captured pheasants.

Bait the area every day at the same time, before placing the pheasant trap, so the birds get accustomed to the feeding routine, then place the trap with a small amount of corn leading into the entrance and bait inside the cage near the sides.

Once captured the pheasants should be removed as soon as possible, ideally at nightfall so as to prevent them from being too startled.

Pheasants are classed as property, so don't catch them without the owners permission

As with all live capture, The trap is only as good as the person setting it.

Legal Constraints There are several legal constraints that you must be aware of: You may need a licence to operate this trap, Once set, the trap must, by law, be checked at least once every 24 hours.

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