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Trap Spares   Cut to size Mesh   Plastic Trays

    • Small trap comb divider can be use to contain the captured animal to one end of the cage to safely administer treatments, medicine or humane dispatch
    • Trap comb dividers used in pairs give you the option to “push” the animal safely into a trap transfer cage for transport.
    • Suited to our mink traps, grey squirrel traps & larger rat traps
    • Best used in pairs to gradually encourage the captive squirrel, rat or mink to one end of the cage trap
  • CT35-180-QTY

    180 Large heavy duty wire mesh Clips
    Ideal Cage making, poultry cages, traps
    Clip size 19mm wide, 5mm inside diameter.  
    Ideal for clipping and jointing up to 3 12g wires. 

  • J Clips finally after struggling with suppliers for years we’ve bit the bullet and started production of our own small J clips suitable for cage repair and building

    Designed for joining 16g – 14g wire mesh together ideal for making or repairing cages

    0.8mm thick galvanised steel to resist rust,

    British made in our own factory.

    These close to 4mm inside diameter 8.5mm wide with good wrap around for secure mesh fastening

    Best used with our black handled J clip pliers

  • larsprings-1
    • Flat Larsen trap spring (pair)
    • 1 x left 1 x right
    • Galvanized finish
    • Extra heavy duty
    • Made in the UK

    Flat Larsen trap springs perfect for building your own wooden larsen trap, very powerful springs made in the UK. These matched pairs are the flat type best used when making your own wooden traps, we also sell the angled type larsen springs

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  • maize-bait
    • Whole yellow maize trapping bait, small bag 500g approx.
    • Use as bait lure for grey squirrel, pheasant, pigeon, wood pigeon.
    • Bright polished yellow grain easily seen by target species
    • Proven to be the best grey squirrel bait especially in woodland situations.
    • Can be effectively used as a monitor bait as grey squirrel only eat the germ kernel the  white part of the whole yellow maize
  • blue-gloves

    Strong gantlet gloves, although not puncture proof these gloves will offer some protection from the claws and teeth of a captured feral cat, grey squirrel, rabbit or other captured animal. colours vary. You receive a matching pair.

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  • 57

    Magpie trap – Larsen trap SECONDS Twin top CATCH UK

    SECONDS MAGPIE TRAP might have some bent wires, might be dusty, will build up OK

    This is a brilliant brand new design  folding larsen trap  it has double top catch ideal for catching magpies.

    You can’t buy this larsen magpie trap for less

    A centre decoy compartment used for the call bird and two catching cages one on each side of the decoy cage.

    UK made TrapMan Larsen Trap with UK legal & approved size decoy compartment

    This trap is made from robust 1″ x 1″ mesh, not the usual thin shite {technical term 🙂 } mesh off a roll

    Delivery is ONLY to England & Wales mainland any other areas please ask

    Larsen central decoy Trap will be supplied folded and boxed with an assembly video at the bottom of this page

    Comes complete with two sets of split perches, two decoy perches, decoy shelter, video assembly instructions & enough ties to put it up.
    all the sides and divisions are attached, requiring just one tie on each corner to secure, lay the door panel on the top and secure with ties.

    You can also collect in person by appointment from our warehouse near Preston Lancashire.

    £95.99 £89.99
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  • Large-trap-divider-
    • Large  trap comb divider can be use to contain the captured animal to one end of the cage to safely administer treatments, medicine  or humane dispatch
    • Trap comb dividers used in pairs give you the option to “push” the animal safely into a trap transfer cage for transport.
    • Large trap combs are suited to our large mink trap, rabbit traps & feral cat traps
  • fox-cable

    Replacement  Fox trap cable & hook

    Ideal for replacing fox chewed cables in our standard fox trap

  • cage-latch-1
    Spring Cage Latch
    Zinc plated finish
    East to fit, Easy way to fasten a cage door shut, secure hold
    4″ in length before spring is stretched
    Perfect for Rabbit cage, Poultry cage, Cage building, Aviaries
  • 1x1-galv-12x23

    Welded wire mesh 1″x 1″ 12g galvanised

    sheet cut to size from full 8` x 4`sheets

    Size: 12″ x 23″

  • Wire mesh clips 200 qty Forrest® Small CT10 clips

    200 Small wire mesh Clips

    ideal Cage making, poultry cages, traps

    Clip size 11mm wide, 5mm inside diameter.  

    ideal for clipping and jointing light weight wire mesh.  

    Made in the UK  

  • Forrest® Small wire mesh cliptool & 200 small clips

    Heavy gauge steel form into a strong clip

    Galvanized Finish

    UK Made, Ideal for aviaries, cage making, Traps, Barbed wire.

  • Steel bar 4mm dia 1mt long steel rod Straightened wire by The TrapMan

    Straightened wire mild steel bar 4mm diameter x 1mt (39″) long in bundles of 10 

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  • fox-dia

    SECONDS QUALITY TrapMan fox trap all have different issues, might have a small area of rust or bent wires, some have a repair, some are old stock dusty, courier damaged etc
    ALL build up as they should and work OK but they are all not quite good enough to be perfect see photos


    1″ x 1″ plated mesh on door, floor and back, 48″ long x 18″ wide x 20″ tall approximately

    the door is activated by the fox pulling on the bait attached to the bait cable OR using the wire tread plate utilizing the bait cable.

    the TrapMan fox trap will be supplied folded and will require simple assembly, taking 10 minutes, video link is available on request

    For help or advise please email the trap man OR text OR quote ebay


    You can collect in person by prior arrangement from our warehouse situated between Southport & Preston

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  • Heavy duty Wire mesh cliptool and 90 clips.

    ideal for Fencing, Cage making, poultry cages.

    Clip size 19mm wide, 5mm inside diameter.

    can be used for clipping up to three 12g wires.