Mole Traps

Moles are fascinating little creatures and the occasional hill in the lawn is best scattered and ignored – after all, think of the improvement to the soil’s drainage.  However, there are times when they become a real pest, destroying a whole row of vegetables at a time or seriously affecting the use of a small paddock. When that happens, the only effective solution is to trap them.

    • Professional scissor mole traps used widely on the continent and very popular,
    • Very strong spring, easy to set once you have the knack,
    • Some mole trappers swear by them others swear at them.
    • We’ve tried them with great results, very powerful spring
    • Ideal for surface runs or when other traps are being filled with soil
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  • TrapMan Fenn Loop Mole

    The TrapManan Fenn Loop mole traps are based on the traditional Fenn type loop mole traps 

    They are easy to set perfect for amateur or professional use.

    As the traps work in the tunnel all the trap is underground this make them suitable to use around livestock and pets.

  • Fenn scissor  mole traps

    • Made in the UK
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Strong galvanised  springs

    They are  perfect for amateur or professional use.

    These  traps can work in shallow or deep runs.

    Key features

    • Heavy duty construction
    • Heavy duty galvanised  springs & trip plate
    • Self colour  steel finish


  • TrapMan Mole Trap Markers

    Mole trap Markers, 4mm metal design, Made in the UK by The-Trap-Man (Pack of 5)

    • Easy to use simply push in the ground above your set Trap Man mole trap.