Caution People at Work…

Here at TrapMan we think there is nothing better than all standing round the table with a rough bit of cardboard a tape measure and some brilliant minds – Does anyone have a pen?

Our workshop staff strive to make the best quality when building our products, which means we must come together once in a while to check we’re making the best products for you.

When you buy from the TrapMan we are on hand to provide help and advice regarding any issue you have and will recommend the best possible solution for the problem you may encounter.

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And don’t forget “The Trap is only is good as the person setting it”

Popular for This Week

TrapMan Fox Trap

We thought we would share with you our most popular item for the week – Our Fox Trap. They’re flying off the shelves!

Our TrapMan Fox Trap has a guillotine style free fall door and can be set using ether a treadle or pull bait, both provided with the trap.

They come folded simple to assemble with detailed setting instruction available online. And don’t forget Our TrapMan Team are always here to help.

Take a look at our full Fox Trap Range and get yours before its too late!

Did You Know?

Forrest CT35 Clips Clinch Clips

Did you know? Here at TrapMan we make our own gabion mesh clips. That’s right, made in the UK these wire mesh Clips are
ideal for cage making, we even use them ourselves!

With a clip size of 19mm wide and a 5mm inside diameter these clips are perfect for clipping and jointing up to 3x 12g wires.

Made, packed and dispatched from our UK warehouse, to order follow the link;

PS. We also sell the matching clip tool.

Is it Raining Magpies?

We told you they were flying off the shelves and here is the proof!

A snapshot of half of our Larsen Centre Decoy Orders packed and ready to go, our TrapMan dispatch team are working extremely hard to get your orders out but we couldn’t resist showing you how quickly these traps go.

These traps are an effective way of catching magpies and other corvids, with 2 catching compartment one at either side of the trap and a large decoy compartment in the centre.

Don’t believe us? check out our reviews and more information on our fast selling Larsen Centre Decoy Traps;

Don’t forget we offer help for as long as you own the trap, our team are always on hand via phone 01772 811522 or email for advise.

Just a Little Reminder

TrapMan Larsen Trap Springs

As our team battle to keep our TrapMan Larsen Traps in stock for you, this is a reminder that we also sell trap springs perches and shelters for the more adventurous of us who enjoy building one for themselves.

We sell angled and flat Larsen trap springs in pairs perfect for repairing your existing Larsen trap or building your own wooden Larsen trap.

With a Galvanized finish, extra heavy duty and made in the UK these springs are the perfect addition to your trap building project – we even use them ourselves!

Follow the link to purchase;

Don’t worry you can still purchase our Larsen Traps while they are in stock, take a look at the full range;

We posted last week about our limited stock of our Larsen Centre Decoy Traps… well we couldn’t leave you without! Our TrapMan team have worked around the clock to keep these traps in stock.

With 2 top entry catching compartments and 1 large decoy compartment, our TrapMan Centre Decoy trap is an effective way of catching magpies and other corvids.

This year our Larsen Centre Decoy Traps have been incredibly popular and have been flying out but we do offer a wide range of other Magpie traps, take a look at the full range here;

And for the less tech savvy among us don’t forget we have a designated sales team member who can take your order over the phone, call us on 01772 811522.

Get Them Before They Go!

TrapMan Larsen Centre Decoy

Are those magpies driving you mad? Then take a look at our TrapMan Larsen Centre Decoy Trap;

Our Centre Decoy Traps are an effective way of catching magpies and other corvids. The trap has 2 catching compartment one at either side of the trap and a large decoy compartment in the centre.

The trap works best with a live decoy bird being placed in the large decoy compartment of the trap to attract the other magpies in the area to it.

Our stock is limited so don’t delay!

Our TrapMan team are at it again! Working exceptionally hard to make our Feral Cat Drop Traps.

Our Simple to assemble drop traps allow you to catch a cat without having to force it into a confined space, very useful on trap shy feral cats.

With a sliding door to release captured cats into a transfer carrier, our TrapMan drop traps are easy to fold for transport and storage and lightweight @ 7kgs.

Take a look for yourself or select to be notified when they’re back in stock.

Back in Stock

Our TrapMan team have been working hard to get our Multi Catch Grey Squirrel Traps back in stock and here they are!

A good live catch trap approx. 50cm long x 46cm wide x 10cm tall with twin entrances, two lifting handles and a welded frame with 1″ x 1″ strong plated wire.

For Professional use only, with online instructions available and you can call or email the manufacturers for help and advise.

Please Note – These traps should not be used where red squirrels have access to the trap.

Our dispatch team are busy getting these boxed and ready for you, follow the link to order now;

We have been busy working on our Pro Gold Mink Traps.

Our TrapMan Pro Gold Mink Traps are constructed from heavy gauge square mesh that is plated after manufacture for a hard wearing long lasting finish.

The Pro Gold Mink Traps have a spring loaded solid steel door, as you can see, with a locking bar that falls behind the door once triggered keeping the door securely fastened.

Find all the details here;

Alternatively, you can call us on 01772 811522 where our dedicated sales team can answer any questions and help you place an order.