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photo shows the weighty items placed on the “flap” to secure the “hinge” tent pegs can also be used on soft earth

Bait the trap towards the back near to the hinge but not too near as to enable the cats to reach in through the mesh to retrieve the bait

J Clips finally after struggling with suppliers for years we’re bit the bullet and started production of our own small J clips suitable for cage repair and building

Designed for joining 16g – 14g wire mesh together ideal for making or repairing cages

0.8mm thick galvanised steel to resist rust, British made in our own factory.

These close to 4mm inside diameter 8.5mm wide with good wrap around for secure mesh fastening

Best used with our black handled J clip pliers

Place baitboxes inside the perimeter at 10ft spacing, check every week and replenish as necessary, keep baiting until no more bait is taken then check every month.

Don’t touch the boxes unless you need to replenish

Check by using a camera phone looking inside the entrance.

Nail three plastic rat traps to a floorboard and place against the wall bait with chocolate covered raisins cover the traps with an upturned bread crate, cabbage crate or storage box to ensure other animals cannot access the traps




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Family 14″ rat traps back in stock.

We’ve waited far too long and now they’re back just in time for this year which is promising to be the worst year on record for rat infestations, partly due to the new rodenticide regulations which came into force on 1st March and a warm 2017 winter causing an explosion of rats in all areas of the UK

BASC showcase our mink trap

BASC showcase our mink trap

At the recent Game Fair BASC used one of our mink traps to show its use combined with a mink raft

NEW batch of larsen traps returning from the platers, Milo checking quality before having a nap between running after the ball

Look what Milo does most of the working day

Just had a tiring two day visit to WIRE Dusseldorf looking for a new 3D CNC wire bending machine which there were a few. The 120.000+ EURO price tag was a large pill to swallow but we have now something to think about. Made a couple of new contacts from the few UK suppliers that were there. All in all a good show well worth visiting and our German hosts were friendly and hospitable the public transport, food and beer is good too!

About The TrapMan history

The TrapMan started in 1999 with the directors being in business since 1978. The TrapMan is a family run company. We originally started in a out building manufacturing cage traps on a smaller scale, as the business and demand for the cages grew in 2005 we moved to a larger workshop with a large warehouse facility attached and we are still here today. In 2016 we created our new website www.trapman.co.uk/store/ to keep up to date with the different devices used to view the internet to give our customer the best possible platform to view our products.

Wire shop fittings

Bespoke wire cages for hotel bars, copper coat, letter cage, wire pigeon hole, liqueur safe, post office sorting, Shop display baskets, copper coloured mesh, industrial style, storage unit, show individual style, bespoke sizes

  • Multiple catch grey squirrel trap.
  • This large capacity multi catch trap catches up to 15 grey squirrels at one siting
  • The trap sets and re-sets its self ready for its next visitor,
  • You need lots of grey squirrels for this to be effective