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virus update

We at The TrapMan are still working and getting into the new normal, raw material supply chains are still proving problematic but we are addressing any shortages and deferral issues by finding either new items from other sources or manufacturing the items ourselves.
Andrew Forrest
The TrapMan


The TrapMan aim to remain open as long as possible during the current situation and are working hard to satisfy an increased volume of orders.

Please be aware that supply chains have slowed down considerably and this is impacting our ability manufacture, re-stock and deliver orders.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Poultry transport crate

You’ve bin waiting so long now and finally we’ve managed to source new stocks of poultry transport crates. Similar to our original poultry crates in size, these new poultry crates have yellow doors

New Feral Drop Trap

Our NEW TrapMan feral drop traps are back in stock today, larger than before with a folding design which packs down to a manageable size for carrying and transport

NEW TrapMan feral drop trap cage
feral drop trap cage
DROP TRAP red cable ties showing correct placing
red cable ties showing correct placing
NEW larger drop trap
NEW larger drop trap
feral drop trap rear door
rear door to remove captured feral cats. rear peg down flap aids stability
drop trap folded
drop trap folded for dispatch, delivery and easy deployment

Cut to size welded wire

Cut to size welded wire,

  • chamfer cut to nearest full hole leaving no raw edges,
  • cut to size with raw edges industry standards +- 3mm ,
  • cut to nearest full hole leaving little overhang.
  • Bespoke mesh made to your requirements, subject to minimum order value and size of panel required

New rabbit show cages

Just sent some new rabbit show cages to the zinc platers, these rabbit pens have large hinged doors

Still got to cut and punch the galvanised divisions and they should be ready to go out next week