Mouse Traps

How to trap a mouse, an effective solution to mouse infestation, unlike poisoning you know how many mice have been caught. The mice don’t crawl off to die in agony. Dead mice that have been poisoned are still a problem, as they decompose mice can stink, other animals feed on the poisoned mice, this predation can kill or seriously harm predators such as foxes, birds of prey, dogs, cats and the like

    • Trap man multi mouse trap
    • Live capture
    • Catches up to 10 mice at one time
    • Self-setting just quires baiting
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Ideal for catch and realise

    The trap man multi mouse is a live capture trap suitable for small or large infestations of mice.

    The trap has a lift up lid with a clear window in the top to make for easy baiting and checking, the trap is self-setting so as one mouse gets caught it auto re-sets ready to catch another.

    Best used when placed against a wall near to were droppings have been found

    Narrow construction perfect to be place in discreet areas such as under floor boards and kitchen units.

    Key features

    • Large top opening with clear window.
    • Large catching capacity
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    • Trap man easy set mouse tap
    • No more trapped fingers
    • 6 x per pack
    • Heavy duty strong plastic
    • Very Easy to set

    Based on a traditional snappy mouse traps the trap man easy set mouse traps are light weight yet strong, built from a heavy duty plastic with very powerful springs.

    Easy to use and very effective, extremely easy to set just a simple one click operation.

    (1 customer review)
    • Automatic Mouse Trap has a clockwork action, which once set can catch up to 15 mice.
    • No bait needed, ideal for aviary, parrot cages, flights, pigeon, etc 
    • Position the trap is alongside walls, where mice tend to travel.
    • When the mice enter they are swept into the capture compartment… 99% are alive
    • Dimensions 10″x 6″x 4″ approx.
    • Must be checked on every 12 hour