Pigeon Traps

  • maize-bait
    • Whole yellow maize trapping bait, small bag 500g approx.
    • Use as bait lure for grey squirrel, pheasant, pigeon, wood pigeon.
    • Bright polished yellow grain easily seen by target species
    • Proven to be the best grey squirrel bait especially in woodland situations.
    • Can be effectively used as a monitor bait as grey squirrel only eat the germ kernel the ¬†white part of the whole yellow maize
    • Single catch wood pigeon trap
    • Simple treadle operated single catch trap
    • Folded for delivery, transport and storage
    • 27″ x 10″ x 9″
    • Multi capture feral pigeon trap
    • One way drop-down bars
    • Folds flat for delivery, transport, siting and storage
    • Small door on the top aids capure removal
    • Some considerable skill is required before starting to trap
    • Trap man clam type wood pigeon¬†trap
    • Heavy duty welded wire mesh construction, zinc plated for long life
    • Made in the UK using English springs
    • Perfect for catching one or two problem wood pigeon birds
    • Wood pigeon clam trap comes built up ready to use
    • Split perches for setting the clam trap are provided