Pigeon Traps

The Trap Man feral pigeon trap is a multi catch repeating catch cage trap with one way opening, drop bar entrance giving you a superior trap and very effective trap,. The feral pigeon trap door is opened by the pigeon pushing their way into the trap which are then trapped in the cage.

Bait the trap with grain to attract the pigeon into the trap, this bait is laid on the floor of the cage trap round the inside perimeter . For effective trapping conditions, the area where feral pigeon trap is to be placed should be regularly pre-baited for several days before the trap is sited. Corn or dried bread should be used for bait. After the pigeons become familiar with the feeding spot, place pigeon trap over the feed. Bait the Trap-Man multi catch pigeon trap with a trail of grain on the outside of the trap and leading into the entrance door. Make sure you bait the inside the perimeter of the pigeon trap so the pigeons can find it. Place a bamboo cane through the side of the trap and push the drop down bars to the roof of the trap, pass the cane under the bars to support them in the up position, keep the trap baited regularly at the same time for a few days until the pigeons get accustomed to feeding inside the trap, when you are ready to trap the pigeons remove the cane to allow the setting bars to fall vertically. You should trap most of the pigeons within 2 hours of doing this, repeat the whole process again to catch the remaining pigeons

. Check your pigeon trap daily. The pigeons are removed by tipping the trap on end. The feral pigeon trap is ideal for rapid trapping of pigeons in built up areas in towns and cities and are currently in use by many pest control companies and local authorities throughout the UK and Europe

We can also supply the feral pigeon trap with an additional funnel entrance as a retro fit item for those who prefer that type of trap. Just ask

  • TrapMan Whole Maize Bait
    • Whole yellow maize trapping bait, small bag 500g approx.
    • Use as bait lure for grey squirrel, pheasant, pigeon, wood pigeon.
    • Bright polished yellow grain easily seen by target species
    • Proven to be the best grey squirrel bait especially in woodland situations.
    • Can be effectively used as a monitor bait as grey squirrel only eat the germ kernel the  white part of the whole yellow maize
    • Multi capture feral pigeon trap
    • One way drop-down bars
    • Folds flat for delivery, transport, siting and storage
    • Small door on the top aids capure removal
    • Some considerable skill is required before starting to trap
    (9 customer reviews)
    • Single catch wood pigeon trap
    • Simple treadle operated single catch trap
    • Folded for delivery, transport and storage
    • 27″ x 10″ x 9″
    • Trap man clam type wood pigeon trap
    • Heavy duty welded wire mesh construction, zinc plated for long life
    • Made in the UK using English springs
    • Perfect for catching one or two problem wood pigeon birds
    • Wood pigeon clam trap comes flat packed for simple assembly
    • Split perches for setting the clam trap are provided


  • Sale

    **** Seconds Quality ****

    (See Photos)

    Trap will contain slight imperfections,

    Slight rust patches / Slight bent Wires.

    **** Trap Will Function As New. ****

    • Multi capture feral pigeon trap
    • One way drop-down bars
    • Folds flat for delivery, transport, siting and storage
    • Small door on the top aids capure removal
    • Some considerable skill is required before starting to trap
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  • TrapMan Pheasant Trap

    Key features

    • Funnel entrance
    • Large release door on top
    • Large capacity
    • Zinc plated finish

    32″ x 32″ x 14″ approximately, supplied folded / flat easy to assemble

  • Easy clean black, can be easily power washed, steam cleaned and disinfected
    Dimensions 850mm long x 485mm wide x 300mm tall  5.8Kilos all approximately.
    Solid ribbed floor prevents toes / claws getting broken also prevent shit falling through to the crates below.
    Supplied fully built up and ready to use
    Can stack up to eight high when full, much higher when empty
    Easily accommodates 15 medium ducks or hens
    Strong RECYCLED polymer construction  which is RECYCLABLE
    Made and used extensively in The E.U.
    (10 customer reviews)
  • Kestrel hawk decoy bird scarer

    Sports Plast Italy kestrel hawk decoy

    Realistic painted

    great for bird scaring,

    work well when hung high up to create a shadow

    Made in Italy

  • Chimney bird guards wire mesh

    Chimney balloon bird guards.

    Prevents birds, squirrel & leaves from getting inside your chimneys and pipes.

    Quick & easy to fit simply push into the chimney or pipe.

    2.5″ 3″ 4″ 6″ 8″ 9″ Available.

    Galvanised finish

    UK Made