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The Trap Man Live capture humane repeating Sparrow Trap

How to humanley catch nusience sparrows. The Trap-Man Multi repeating live capture sparrow trap. The Trap-Man sparrow trap is capable of humanley catching upto 30 sparrows without resetting. How the Trap-Man humane live catch repeating sparrow trap works. Sparrows enter via two tapering entrance tunnels into the sparrow containment area then the sparrows proceed via another single tapered tunnel into the retention section of the cage. This retention section has a lift up door to remove the captured sparrows. Bait the sparrow trap with grain or seed.

The Trap-Man sparrow trap Dimensions 820mmx420mmx310mm
Manufactured from 19mm square galvanised mesh from 1.5mm diameter wire

Sparrow trap

Product: Multi catch sparrow Trap £39.99
Product Code: sparrow
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No setting required just bait with seed or grain

Multi catch repeating, up to 30 sparrows at one setting

Humane, Sparrows are not harmed and can be released


























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