Feral Cat Trap


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  • Trap man humane Feral cat trap
  • Dimensions 31” x 10” x 11”
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Comes ready built ready to use
  • Easy to set with detailed setting instruction available online.

The trap man feral cat trap is triggered by the cat standing on a treadle plate inside the trap that releases the door.

Once the trap is triggered the door is locked by a spring loaded locking bar.

The trap can be opened from the outside of the trap using the leaver on the side of the trap making it easy to transfer the feral cat into a transfer cage or cat basket.

Key features

  • Spring loaded door
  • Treadle plate setting
  • Large top handle

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Product Description

The trap man feral cat trap is triggered by the cat standing on a treadle plate inside the trap that releases the door.

Once the trap is triggered the door is locked by a spring loaded locking bar.

The trap can be opened from the outside of the trap using the leaver on the side of the trap making it easy to transfer the feral cat into a transfer cage or cat basket.

Key features

  • Spring loaded door
  • Treadle plate setting
  • Large top handle

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 31 × 11 × 10 in

27 reviews for Feral Cat Trap

  1. TrapmanAdmin

    Purchased by madcatcrazy
    Item as described. Great communication & super fast delivery ++++

  2. lesleylewins

    Thank you so much for sending me a setting rod for my trap . I have 6 trap’s that I have bought from you over the years . They are worth their weight in gold trapping over 8000 cats for TNR in Muscat Oman . It was so kind of you to not charge me I appreciate your kindness . Kind regards Lesley

  3. TrapmanAdmin

    I highly recommend people pay the extra money and buy this extra-large, feral cat trap. It is a far superior design and much stronger than the cheaper brand models. I previously bought a cheaper, different brand model and the feral Tomcat managed to escape by bending the end exit doors which must have really hurt the poor cat to then squeeze through. This extra-large ‘Trap Man’ trap is super strong, there is no bend whatsoever in the wire walls under strong hand pressure, unlike the cheaper model. This trap also prevents injury to the cat which is most important.
    Excellent! Highly recommended.

  4. TrapmanAdmin

    Well made sturdy and easy to use, perfect for trapping our large feral cat. Instructions were easy to follow and the trap was easy to operate. We had tried a different one previously but the cat managed to escape the trap – this one was perfect.

  5. TrapmanAdmin

    G MacD
    5.0 out of 5 stars Caught the stray cat on second night
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 June 2019
    Size Name: 1 Count (Pack of 1)Verified Purchase
    The product arrive ready to go. Instructions came with it but it was pretty easy to work out anyway. I kept the cardboard box which came in handy to rest the cage in whilst I took it to the vet to check for a microchip. I have given the product 4 stars for value just because it seemed expensive. The product is well made and robust so perhaps the cost is appropriate. I haven’t seen a cheaper one to compare it to.
    To bait the trap I laid an old cat towel in the base of the cage, a bowl of kibble and a couple of catnip toys. Not sure which one worked. I didn’t bother to conceal the trap. I just put it outside my back door (dry weather).
    For later storage the product does not fold flat but won’t take up a lot of room in a shed or under the stairs.
    8 people found this helpful

  6. TrapmanAdmin

    5.0 out of 5 stars Success, first time , every time.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 October 2020
    Size Name: 1 Count (Pack of 1)Verified Purchase
    Mission, to trap and ferry a harem of cats to be neutered. I line the bottom with newspaper, then bait the trap. Then wait, Usually not very long . Once the cat is in the bar locks automatically and the cat CANNOT escape. I cover it immediately with a sheet to stop it feeling distressed, they then usually settle into what is best described as a cross between a monumental sulk and resignation at having allowed their desire for a tasty morsel to override their common sense.

    The traps are Sturdy and very well made with no harsh edges that a cat could harm itself on. Mesh is small enough that no errant paws can take a swipe as you carry it along. With a good sturdy handle. If your main concern is the safety And welfare of the animal I can heartily recommend this trap. I own two of these….they were good enough to make me go out and buy a second. I have the smaller version for kittens etc and the larger version for Tom cats. Great for neutering trips. But please remember to keep the trap covered to reduce stress to the animal.
    2 people found this helpful

  7. TrapmanAdmin

    mrs julie e h
    Best I could find
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 May 2021
    Size Name: 1 Count (Pack of 1)Verified Purchase
    This trap was a good size for catching feral cats and the setting of it much easier than the last one I had of another make.

  8. TrapmanAdmin

    Once the cat has been trapped it is locked in . The only way the cat can get out is by you lifting the perspex door. If you are taking the cat to vet leave him in the trap and let them remove him safely. Never leave a trap unmanned . Best of luck and hope this reply helps you.

  9. TrapmanAdmin

    By JLR HUNT on 23 March
    I find fish as best bait (sardines) actually put it under the trap on ground under trigger mechanism, also put some vasaline on locking up mechanism as it makes it very sensitive. You just have to keep trying as some cats are very cunning,hope you succeed

  10. TrapmanAdmin

    We’ll made trap, great it was pre made before despatched. Easy to use , only thing I would change is to have an opening at other end to place bait easily. As have to stretch into cage to place bait and if you’ve a short arm like me it’s very difficult!

    Response by TheTrapMan
    Hi Sharon
    Further to your positive feedback.
    With regard to baiting we advise when using our TrapMan traps to bait under the trap directly under the tread-plate, as this proves to be more effective at catching ferals and therefore no need to reach inside the cage. All of which is explained on our youtube video available from the supplied QR scan code and the setting instruction flyer.
    We also make our TrapMan pro gold feral cat trap which is the same design as our standard feral cat trap but has a clear polycarbonate sliding rear door to aid capture removal.
    The TrapMan

  11. TrapmanAdmin

    The second of these traps that I have bought for Trap/Neuter/Release. Well built, great quality, can be set to a very fine trigger (ideal if there are kittens to be caught for socialisation/rehoming and the two doors make transferring easy.

  12. TrapmanAdmin

    Item, delivery, packaging first class. Would definitely recommend this Seller – Thank you *********************
    By Annmarie Cowburn on 29 May 2022.

  13. TrapmanAdmin

    Arrived within 48 hours. Superlative service. I hav left a separate product review.
    By Allen Wilson on 18 March 2022.

  14. TrapmanAdmin

    Product exactly as expected/described and arrived ahead of time – thank you.
    By SG on 06 December 2021.

  15. TrapmanAdmin

    Brilliant product. Quick service, i have had to return my trap, and that was dealt with and accepted well. Good customer service trap man.
    By Paul Rogerson on 12 July 2021.

  16. TrapmanAdmin

    buyer karchev_89
    The cat trap arrived quickly and very safely packaged in cardboard. It was easy to operate although I would recommend the double-door version for ease of access when placing some food as bait at the other end. The trap works efficiently, is compact, light and easy to carry. I definitely recommend.

  17. TrapmanAdmin

    by karchev_89
    24 May, 2022
    Efficient trap

    I bought this cat trap because I am a volunteer fosterer for a feline charity. I had to catch a semi feral cat safely. The flap arrived quickly and well packaged. It is a compact size and is light to carry. It is fairly easy to operate once you get the hang of it. However I would recommend getting the double-door model as it is very tricky to put food at the bottom of this one through the front door. Overall it is a good trap. Within a few minutes of setting it up, the cat was safely captured. I would also recommend putting a blanket at the bottom for the cat to lie comfortably on during transport.

    Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: the-trap-man

  18. TrapmanAdmin

    Jose Antonio
    5.0 out of 5 stars perfecta solucion
    Reviewed in Spain on 24 September 2019
    Verified Purchase
    tenia un problema grande con gatos que se habian instalado en mi parcela: se comian el pinso de la perra a un ritmo insostenible, entraban en casa si la puerta se habia quedado abierta y marcaban con pis, se peleaban con mi gata,…
    Con esta trampa y un poco de salchichon, en 3 dias he capturado 4 gatos que he llevado al monte comodamente en la misma jaula en el maletero del coche.
    Rapida y eficiente solucion sin tener que recurrir a metodos mas drasticos.
    Excelente bprecio

  19. TrapmanAdmin

    5.0 out of 5 stars Perfecta para gatos
    Reviewed in Spain on 6 January 2021
    Verified Purchase
    Teníamos un gato adolescente que se nos coló en el garaje del edificio, y con esta jaula se atrapó a la primera.
    Aunque eso sí, seguimos la táctica de colocar la jaula en el mismo sitio donde le estuvimos poniendo la comida durante una semana, y el gato no era un gato adulto, era adolescente. Pero lo dicho, cumple a la perfección su función para cazar gatos. Luego el gatito lo liberamos en el monte cercano.
    El montaje es un pelín lioso si nunca te has tenido que pelear con una jaula, pero en unos minutos la tendrás montada y lista.
    El material parece resistente, y aguantó un buen rato con el gato dentro moviéndose sin parar y empujando aquí y allá.
    La recomiendo.

  20. TrapmanAdmin

    Trap cage that fulfills its purpose. Ideal for capturing cats from colonies to sterilize them. 100% recommend. 😎

  21. TrapmanAdmin

    Buyer: k.bekir.rm3erf
    Excellent delivery times and the trap seems sturdy and works well

  22. TrapmanAdmin

    Great, works well . will help us rescue those little kitties….well hopefully. Thank you

  23. TrapmanAdmin

    Verified Purchase
    I bought this cage to try catch my cat that had escaped from the house (she is a house cat) i had several sightings of my cat in my garden,so i knew she was still around, i placed the cage with food in it & newspaper on the floor of cage for the very first time in the garden & within only 3 hours she was caught in the cage & back home!…a marvelous cage which was already assembled when arrived, there was no instructions with it but thats because within seconds its obvious how to set it up to use, & the extra door on top of cage to release the animal quickly is a good idea too, a great buy

  24. TrapmanAdmin

    Buyer: mariac2150
    Very well made, easy to set and looks like it won’t trip accidentally, this trap is excellent quality, I’m feeling confident I will now trap my lost stray cat!

  25. TrapmanAdmin

    Excellent seller super quick delivery. The cat trap is bit more expensive but the quality of it is very strong an so easy to set up. I have not used it yet trying to get my feral cat in for the winter. I have been feeding her for 2 years now she hasnt left my garden sleeps in bushes, so i want bring her in nice warm house.. I fully recommend this seller the trap man, you get support all round.

  26. TrapmanAdmin

    Seller very informative, quick dispatch and item as described. Thanks

  27. TrapmanAdmin

    Seller very informative, quick dispatch and item as described. Thanks

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