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The Trap Man feedback

Our traps actually work and our sevice..........well look for yourselves

Remember The Trap Man gives you email help for as long as you own the trap, just quote your invoice number when requesting help.

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Hi Andrew
> Thanks, well will do that as well. The side door's are what I am using.
> Without a 'calling bird',  I have had caught 2 x Squirrel, 2 x Crows. 
> 1 x Magpie so far. Other birds that have entered the trap, initially 
> caught and released, several sparrows and starlings too!
> A vid attached of how I have set up, and first crow.
> Thanks

Hi Andrew,  The trap I bought from you certainly does the business. I have caught in excess of 30 magpies to date. 
   Regards   Peter.

Thanks for the email.
Your service was exceptional and good news the squirrels have been caught and released.


Hi Andrew, nice to get a follow up email!


Very pleased indeed thank you, good price, speedy service and good, robust traps.


We had some of our feed hoppers out on the site for the last couple of weeks and then swapped over to the traps on Monday morning. The first check got 15 squirrels in 20 traps, which is pretty good going I think! I haven't spoken to the ranger about what he's found in subsequent checks. We'll see how things go as to how long we leave them there before moving on to the next site.


Many thanks again,




Dear the-trap-man,

I have just left you feedback but wanted to let you know that this 
cage is superb. Fast delivery and easy to assemble. I had bought it to 
catch a peacock of mine that had gone AWOL. Assembled and placed in the 
'suspects' garden at 5pm, caught by 8pm. Happy owner and even happier 
Thank you.
I am a woman & my husband said this wouldn't 
work :)))

Nice one Andrew thanks very much.

If this weather carries on here we will be moleing all summer once again!!


My details are our website


Best wishes




Just to let you know fantastic fast delivery. recieved next day after orderd. best and fastest ive ever had making it exellent for my job. thankyou! gavin skates

Rabbit Trap

Very happy with trap, caught 5 in last ten days once I discovered they like lettuce and are lead into trap by a trail of it !


Many thanks



Hi, we used our new carriers on Saturday for the first time, and we were impressed with them, they are sturdy and well made, just one nit pick, we had to file (gently) some of the edges as they were sharp, but we will show them off to our cat friends, and hopefully you will have a successful product as they are better made than the plastic coated versions.Thank you very much, is there any thing we need to do to keep them in good condition? Paul

Caught 3 in 24 hours - they like lettuce and need a trail to lead them in

Many thanks


Thanks, yes the trap arrived and mice were caught. They have been relocated . 

Trap working well, really pleased..... Me not the magpies, many thanks.


Set it three days ago ....result  3 squirrels
All good, just not caught any yet. 

In one acre garden that we fenced to prevent Rabbits but have fenced a few
(10 ?) in and they have bred !!

I guess I need to lay a lettuce/carrot trail into the trap

Dear 'Trapman',

I am well pleased with the mouse traps bought recently and with the humane type, am able to release the mice back into the wild.
I am not in favour of using poison to kill them.  Makes me cringe at the suffering.

The grey squirrel cage trap, bought quite a lot earlier, has been very effective. 
Works every time and saved a consistent attack and damage to my garden  bird feeders.

Most grateful.

I have had a problem with feral pigeons and the mess they make. 
Not sure about the law on this one.Can I use a pigeon trap  in my garden and humanely dispatch them?
Any advice please?

Many thanks

Flat packed Fox trap with wire treadle plate


After loosing a few chickens over the years (heads off – not eaten), and setting snares without luck for some time, the last straw was when an urban fox recently dug into the chicken run and killed one of our new hens.


Having sat up for a few nights to try to shoot the culprit, and still with now success with snares, I turned to the fox trap solution. There was some interest after a few nights, with a fox trying to dig into the trap, and last night a large male fox was caught after having the trap set each night for just a week.


1 less vermin in a large suburban garden, and happy chickens!


I will keep setting the trap at night, in case other foxes come for a look, and the chickens will be less likely to be disturbed.






Thanks Andrew for sorting out the trap.
Just to let you know that within hours of my husband putting the trap
together and setting it in place he caught two magpies. 
He is very pleased with the new trap and will be recommending it to his
Thanks again

Everything fine, no more mole.

"I wanted to write and thank you for choosing The TrapMan. We appreciate your recent order and hope you found the service you received to your satisfaction.,

If there is anything we can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact me, or check out our full range of products on 
I wish you success and hope that The TrapMan can service your needs in the future.Pease feel free to comment on our products or service.When you get time please email a photo of your successful trapping experience.

  The Trap Man,
  web ,
  email ,
  telephone 0044 (0)1772811522 ,
  mobile 07831589103 up to 8pm,

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Please note we are The UK manufacturers of humane cage traps & will not be beaten on price or service.
Some mornings I wake up grumpy but most mornings I let her sleep in"

Hello Andrew,

Not a very good experience unfortunately, I was shocked that the 
£25 trap came up to nearly £40 odd by the time VAT and delivery was added by 
which time it was too late for me to cancel.

Secondly the trap arrived with 
the top of the entry door bent and that is possibly why I haven't caught 
anything and the rabbits just go in and come out with the food, as it's either 
the mechanism or the bent door that is stopping it from working properly.

Lastly, I doubt if I'll ever have any photo's to send.



Hi Stuart
You can cancel the transaction at any time until you press the submit button 
and the grand total is displayed at least twice before you accepting the 
If the trap is damaged why have you not contacted me.....please email a 



The TrapMan


hi trap man,
I have been married for 34 years in September, and I wake grumpy a lot as well, I have adapted your trap to suit my needs, if you wanted me to inform you of such please give me bell, old godger 6 woodrats 0,

Dear Trapman!

Thank you so much for your email...

The owls and falcon are in position but because there are young pigeons in the basilique the situation has not yet been totally resolved...But we will be patient and once they young have 'gone' whatever this may mean !! , we will see what will happen or not!
Thank you again,
on behalf of all at the Basilique in Carcassonne, Thank You!

Hi - the trap arrived on Monday 22nd - have unboxed it and had a quick look but not got any further than that.  I will get the Scottish SPCA Inspector to let me know what he thinks of it once I manage to get it to him!

Many thanks for all your hard work trying to get it to us - it was greatly appreciated.

Hello and the trap did the job on one of my feral community who was neutered today. 6 more to go! Thanks

the trap did the job on one of my feral community who was neutered today. 6 more to go! Thanks

Hi Andrew

Yes the trap was fine me old man built and put together only criticism he had was that the perches for within the trap if I remember right was 6inch short on them so he had to make his own

On a big plus it works fine and does work

Cheers Neil

Hi Neil
Our perches are designed to fit in the corners of the decoy compartment, this gives the decoy more room to hop between.thus attracts others with the movement

sorry if it wasn't clear in our instructions
regards, .

Hi Andrew 

That makes perfect sense then, but as I said me old man built it and I never looked

But thanks again and it kept him amused for a hour or 2


Made me laf!

regards, .

Yes thank you and traps out and set!

Kind regards


All good, thanks ... this trap much more successful than the previous one ... have managed to capture 4 squirrels since it arrived!
Best wishes

Excellent product.
Caught x3 squirrels first day
Then x1 4 days later.
That was a few weeks ago and have not seen any since.

very pleased with the cage-trap - it is so successful three of the local moggies go in by turn so I will
give them a tasty tit-bit in the morning - and off they go - saves them hunting mice!!!!!!!!
very well made cage- and worth the price  - thanks

Hello trapman,

Yes ok thank you - speedy delivery  and the items were easily assembled - we are now awaiting some results! Thanks a lot. = S F



Many thanks for supplying the two rabbit traps, as you can see they have proved very successful. 
They are well made and work well. 
Many thanks. 

noahs ark, rabbits two by two

Hi TrapMan,
Just wanted to say thanks for an excellent piece of kit. My wife loves to 
feed the wild birds in our garden and has been frustrated to find a grey 
squirrel gorging itself, each evening, on the entire contents of our feeding 
station. So we ordered your squirrel pro trap and placed it on top of the 
wall used by the squirrel to enter our garden. I set and baited the trap as 
per your instructions and we were prepared to wait several days to catch our 
unwanted visitor. Within 1 hour of setting the trap whilst I was in the 
garage I heard a metallic "clang" as the trap door closed and our squirrel 
was imprisoned! The animal was very aggressive and I was cautious in 
approaching the trap however the looped handle offers total safety and the 
strong wire cage is very reassuring. The trap was easily retrieved and the 
squirrel humanly despatched. A superb product well designed and built to 
Thanks again
Mr P H H

Many thanks for trap sent a few weeks ago. When I got finally round to assembling it, I caught 5 birds in a couple of weeks. Excellent! I moved the trap to a lane nearby and next day found the decoy dead, minus one leg, in the middle of the trap - as if something had managed to grab and pull it's leg off, from which it died.

I then moved the trap 500 metres and baited it with a couple of eggs. Two days later, the eggs have gone and the trap has been completely trashed.
Now, it was in a field with horses but I doubt they would bother to break it up and I do wonder about badgers. Have you heard of badgers smashing up a trap to get at the eggs? (I have had holes punched through rabbit fences by them, but your trap is quite another proposition.)

Any suggestions please before we re-invest?

Hi I would suggest two legged vermin rather than a badger

Dear Trapman,
A few weeks ago I purchased a 'gold' rabbit trap from you, with almost immediate success and having dealt with the rabbit problem I decided to turn my attention to squirrels which have become a real menace in my garden.
By changing the bait to 'snickers' and using the same trap I have now caught SEVEN to date, and well pleased. Although it does not do anything for your sales it does for your reputation!
Many thanks,
Eric Waterhouse

Dear Sir(s)

I just wanted to let you know that the service from your company was excellent and the product arrived very quickly despite the fact that it had to come to France!  So a huge 'thank you' and a little information for you (if you are interested?), the trap is being used by an organisation who carry out the Trap, Neuter, Release programme for feral cats here in urban France and the organisation are really impressed and pleased with the product because it is large enough to catch and hold the big Toms but light enough to be easily transported when empty.  All the work is done by females!

So, very many thanks for such excellent service and an excellent product.

With best wishes,

Many thanks - the trap seems to be working pretty well! Regards I M
Hi Andrew,
so it's all fine. I picked it up on saturday. 
That terminator rat in the camper was allready laying dead next to the trap I had been placing around in his area for many weeks. I had also removed his food sources as you said on your site. So it had finally tried some of the peanut butter in the trap. 
But what I couldn't get is that it was laying next to it and didn't seem injured. And that this pin in the middle which keeps the trap down had its end missing.
I 've left some eradibait in the area, coz there may be more.
I intend to spread much more of it in the camper for the time it will be stored. Do you have any advice on that?
I mean, the best would be that I didn't have to come back to put eradibati in small amounts, coz I will be too far away from the camper storage facility to do that.
thank you for your help yesterday. very speedy delivery as order arrived exactly on time. s w.
Please ignore yesterday's email, the traps have arrived, we were unaware that they had been placed in our post box as we were not required to sign for them.
Many thanks.
J M.
Just a quick email to let you know i have recieved the collated clips, thank you for sending them out so quickly. I will send out a payment of £5.00 today. 
I recently bought three pigeon traps off you (for my pest control company) which i have recieved the reciept/invoice for, however i forgot to request it in my business name 'The Wing and Feather Company' instead of my name Mr Wayne Parsons. 
Please if possible could you email me a reciept for the traps in my companies name instead of mine.
Thank you
Mr Wayne Parsons
The Wing and Feather Company

Dear Sir/Madam,


As Discussed with Andrew in the Warehouse, would you please cancel the above mentioned order and refund the credit card that was used to order the item.


I thought we had Squirrels in the Loft but it turns out that we have birds so the item would be wasted.


Thank you so much for your understanding.



Many thanks for your help, I received the trap yesterday and was lucky enough to trap our cat last night and bring him home !


Best regards from a happy cat owner


Dear Sir,

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with both your product and service.  The squirrel trap that I bought arrived within 24 hours of being ordered and I caught my first squirrel within 2 hours of placing the trap - it was almost as if they wanted to be trapped!

Many thanks, once again.

Kind regards,

Many thanks - computer has been playing up here - had to re-boot.  Probably my fault.  You have a cracking customer relationship - thanks a lot.  Got a tiny ferral cat who keeps bunking off and fed-up with having to borrow cat trap - wish me luck!  

.....bought some of your tunnel traps after finding a mole in the garden, just like to say 'Trapman' claims it's latest success. After a few weeks of strategic  game play and placement I finally got him today and worked perfectly with a clean kill. Fingers crossed his brothers and sisters are not around!

Thanks again

Scott P

I bought a Pro Gold Feral Cat Trap from you in August so I could get my feral kittens used to it in preparation for trapping them to get them neutered.
I installed it as part of the scene in the back garden, disabled the trapping spring, wired it open, and taught them that there were the best treats in and around it. (They are feral but not 'wild'; they live in the garage and come and go at will. The spayed mother is part of the community here, as is another spayed female.) Beginning the second week in October, by advice of the vet, I put the mechanism back in order and started trapping. One by one I was able to get them trapped. The last one this morning. She is so small and light, I didn't think she would trip the mechanism. Fortunately she has been very trusting about my presence, so I was able to stay there until she was all the way in, then touch the trap with my foot to snap it. (I had fluffed the setting of the trap somewhat, letting it slip once before I got it set -- when 'the boys' who had been neutered heard that clang, they took off like rockets for the safety of the garage, leaving the little female and her adult female companions behind, which was just fine.)
What a relief to get this all taken care of! And what an excellent piece of equipment. (There is nothing so exhilarating as trapping cats in this sort of setting -- the suspense! The careful manipulation of the setting! And then the triumph.)

Now I can just enjoy having outdoor cats, without worrying about having millions more.
One million thanks!


Hello, I just want to let you know that I am very happy with the traps I will be able to help many cats with it. Your service was excellent, thank you! I am sure that this was not the last thing i bought from you. Kind regards from Slovenia, Irena
I bought your trap a few years ago after chronic problems with squirrels in the loft. I'm still fighting the problem by roof and loft reinforcement, but your trap has been absolutely invaluable to me since the day it was delivered. It usually captures the squirrel the same day I set it, either in the loft or in the garden. It's caught 15 squirrels so far, not something I would wish to do, but as my house seems irresistible to these creatures, I have no choice. At least your trap ensures the squirrel is caught without harm (even if its ultimate fate is death!)
Your trap has also saved me a great deal of money. To use pest controllers would cost me at least £60 per visit, and their traps are inferior to yours!
So thank you very much for your excellent product. I don't like trapping and killing squirrels, but if I have to, only your trap will do.

Dear Trap man,
I set the trap with snikers for a week, they are not taking. The area is a cupboard on the side of an attick. They have eaten the roof side to make an entrance there are several holes. If the trap does not work, can I use Chilies and strong pepers to get them to leave. the problem is they may go higher in the roof. I really want to trap and remove. Also I can'f find a vet willing to put the things down.
But the main thing is please help me to trap one. I can't put trap outside as the trap will be stolen. and if the nieghbours see it they will report us to the council, which they have done about rats in the past too. So these are the reasons for not wanting outside traping. We put the hole of the case upto mouth of the squirel whole. The only other solution would be to have a person come and trap and kill them I think. Please help. Thank you for your time. S

Just to let you know that whilst you were holidaying I contacted Jamie who did a super job in supplying me the part I needed .Trust you all had a pleasant break


   Yes please, I would very much like you to process the said placed order for a Pigeon Trap.

The Pigeons are numerous and unwanted, but will make a very good tasty curry I’m told.


                Many thanks !

I recently purchased a rabbit trap from Amazon to trap the numerous rabbits in my garden - Pest Stop..  They have not looked at it.  I have put peanut butter in a dish and dandelion leaves inside the trap.  What would you suggest
Hi Alison
I'm not familiar with the imported "Pest Stop" traps, I would advise you to ask pest stop or who you purchased it from through Amazon.
Dear the-trap-man,

Many thanks for your customer support
I found your website interesting as we are in charge to capture, neuter and release stray dogs here in Rome. The approximately about 20 animals we try to capture are since more generations stray dogs and are used to capture trials by small fox traps and blowpipe.
As  a zoo vet  I have personally a huge experience with animal capture in zoo and wildlife situations mainly using dart rifles, but these dogs are really difficult to get. I thougt about medicated baits or capture corrals, but there are a lot of difficulties to use the different methods in an urban area with traffic, people, but also green area with hidden shelters for the dogs.
On your experience are there any attracting vocal, smelling or good tasting products. Traps ??? For animal welfare reasons I would like not to use the foot traps, we use for the very difficult wolf capture. Any good idea ? Do not hesitate to ask me other details.
Best wishes
Hi there,

Over the weekend I saw a young rat in my backyard feeding on my strawberries. As I have 2 cats I am looking into targetting the rats without using poison.

On your website, I saw several traps that you have on offer. Could you confirm which one is the most efficient? The two options I am looking into are either the "Modern Live capture 14" Family Rat Trap" or the "Traditional "Monarch" Live Capture Rat trap". I am worried that the rat may be able to get the bait off the hook without the flpa closing, but in the Monarch style I am worried that the rat may not even want to go inside in the first place if it is too troublesome.

What is your view?

Thank you and best regards,


Hi there,


I’m emailing from a wildlife production company in Bristol.  We’re in the process of creating a new TV series that will be shown on Nat Geo Wild, in both the US and the UK.  The show is about us solving wildlife mysteries in the back garden through our motion sensing camera traps and I was just wondering how often, if ever, you are contacted by someone needing to trap an unknown animal in their home/garden?


There is some more info about the show below!


Thanks for any help or information you give me,


Best wishes,


I am interested in buying a trap to catch live wood pigeons but could really do with catching more than one at a time.... 

I see that your wood pigeon trap is a single and the feral trap a multi, why is this please? Is it due to woody's not liking to enter a trap through bars or because when one is caught others are not likely to try and enter? 

In essence I'd like to use the feral type trap to catch woody's, will this work? 

Your help would be very much appreciated 



The feral pigeon trap does not multi catch wood pigeons its a Feral pigeon trap.



I live in Northern Ireland and am trying to buy a cat trap on your website but there is no carriage option for Northern Ireland.


Please advise which carriage selection I should choose.

Please respond as soon as possible as I need to trap an injured cat.

Kind regards


Try our Northern Ireland supplier

Strangford Agencies
35 Londonderry Ave,
County Down
BT23 5ET
Northern Irl 028 9187 4028 Southern Irl 048 9187 4028
Email Hi Trap Man,


This order for a Folder Rabbit Trap has arrived and in good shape etc.

However, when trying to set the folding rabbit trap (and following the instructions) I cannot find a marked bar on this trap.

I have tried various positions for putting the trigger rod loop through the roof but I cannot find any that work. Any position is either too far from the secondary door or too near the secondary door. Or either the trigger rod is not long enough or too short etc. That is the best way I can explain it.


I do know how to set this type of trap (or think I do anyway!) as I have one of your squirrel traps that work on the same principle and that seems to work fine when setting.


Can you help me please?

here's a video link

<iframe width="425" height="349" src="


Last year I bought a fox trap from you in order to catch chickens. Now I have had some small success but I have some issues. Firstly, the trap is too small and the chickens are quite hesitant to go in. Secondly, the trap step (the thing they step on to set off the trap) is too short (I remember you saying that you would make it longer than normal but I am not sure it is). Finally, the chickens are often not heavy enough to set off the trap.

So, I found the attached images on a website () that makes rooster traps in Hawaii (its a bit far to get it from there). So I was wondering if you could make me something similar and if so, how much it would cost?

I look forward to hearing from you

Many regards

Hi TrapMan

Pleased with trap that was delivered yesterday, set up within 40 mins, caught first Magpie with 3 eggs next morning.



Dear Sirs,
Can you source/supply/manufacture the above traps?
I am the Grey Squirrel co-ordinater for the Backmuir Wood close to Dundee and having seen these traps know they would be ideal for our use where the traps are small and less conspicuous to the general public walking these woods.
The quantity required would be six maximum depending on funding
Just returned to Dubai from home in France, and can confirm receipt of the trap.
Many thanks
If only it was going a well as my larsens ! Got another on order.  53 maggies in 4 weeks over 8 farms
I live here in S W France , and have a problem with red squirrels in may garden , digging holes in my lawn , and my allotment.
I want to catch and relocate them in a nearby forest , and not kill them.
 Although I have 2 cats ,, they do not do squirrels !!
 It seems you may have the answer , with one of your squirrel traps.
 Can you please advise me if you can send to France , If so will you kindly advise the cost.
 Thank you
I purchased 2 humane traps from your company a number of years ago, and was successful then in catching at least one mouse, and up until recently, I’ve had no sound or sight of what seems to be two mice running around my kitchen and in my sitting room.  I have baited the box that caught the previous creature (on this occasion with a little bit of Snickers bar, as the previous occasion didn’t require anything), and used plastic gloves, however the two mice that I have seen both seem to like to run past my sofa, in front of it, whilst I’m here.
I have multiple electronic repellers in the area, which now unfortunately don’t seem to be doing anything.  The brown mouse seems to realise that I’m here, and freezes or just wonders around in a dark area, however the black one just runs.  They’re both in what could be called open areas.
There is no sign of them in any way, other than the rustle of them when they move or when I see them – none of the electrical wiring that I have has been nibbled, nor any packets of food or plastic bags.
I’m not “afraid” of them, so won’t be jumping on chairs, but I do not want these things in my 3rd floor flat.
Any advice would be very much appreciated, as they’ve been away from my home for a number of years and I don’t want them!  I have budgies as pets, and their food is stored in a glass jar or a sealed plastic bag that is in a cupboard, on a shelf.
I look forward to hearing from you

Many thanks - the traps arrived safely today and look extremely robust and very effective.  Excellent fast service - very much appreciated.


Yesterday's results attached.
I cut out a square of cardboard and placed it behind the trigger.  On it, I placed two oatcakes smeared with nutella and with hazelnuts / maize pressed in to the nutella.
I put a bit of grease and oil on the retaining plate for the trigger rod and then set it on a hair-trigger, just holding up the door.
Since I bought your trap in 2009, I have many more species of wild birds in my garden, including a family of song thrushes.
All the best

having used your traps to rid the churchyard of moles I thought i would try the squirrel traps to remove these pests from the garden.
trap arrived Wednesday. First squirrel seen entering trap during the evening but not caught. Thursday morning first catch. reset for Friday morning second catch just as I was leaving for work. Now Friday lunchtime and watching 3rd squirrel investigating trap - fingers crossed. fantastic results

Just wanted to let you know how pleased and happy I am with your squirrel trap. I set it up with nutella on the treadle and caught 4 in less than 24 hours which basically was all of them in my loft! very clear simple instructions and easy to set up. Fortunately my husband was around to set the squirrels free. Touch wood won't have anymore problems but can be rest assured if we do it will be sorted out sharpish with this one catch squirrel trap no problems. Many thanks for a £30 investment on a trap you have saved me about £170 the quote i got was approx £200 so money well spent in my eyes. Wouldn't hesitate in buying another one if I had to or recommend one and it arrived the next day as promised a brilliant professional service 

Thanks Again

 Nikki R


Thank you for your excellent and prompt service.

An example to others!


The Estate Office

great product, caught 20!  useful tip to pass on. the trap is a nice fit into a standard swing top kitchen bin which when first filled with water quickly and safely finishes the job.
Thank you for your quick response.
Today I moved the pivot point (and straightened the wonky pivot tab) and it now works perfectly.
The treadle sits at 30 degrees, the setting rod holds the door open, the rod travel is very adequate and the sensitivity (checked by the required triggering force on the treadle) I would say is just right.
So it looks as though either I got a "Friday afternoon" trap OR do you think your latest batch might all have been assembled incorrectly in the factory?
I think it would be in your interest to choose one at random and check it out for yourselves.
There is no doubt that the pivot point needs to be 9 mesh sizes from the back (bait) end.
You might find that the assembly instructions given were capable of being mis-interpreted. For instance if the instruction says "pivot point to be on 9th wire" this is wrong because the operative will count 9 wires which will only get him/her to 8 mesh sizes from the end (which is where mine was).
I hope you find these comments useful.
Thanks again,

Good morning
 I received the rabbit fencing kit safe and sound and on the correct day 6th March.Over the weekend
my wife visited the recycling centre.To day I may have to visit a divorce lawyer since she recycled
all the instuctions and receipt !! Is it possible you could email the instructions and answer the
questions below. Its my first winter living in this isolated cottage and have realised that rabbits
love thousands of Autumn planted crocus, the 've eaten all of them. 

I planted a 50 meter beech hedge 2 weeks ago and the tops are being bitten off approx one foot
above ground height and was wondering if it may be squirrels or rabbits?  I intend placing the
rabbit fence on this section.
If a need a squirrel trap do I need a permit ?

Is it ok if the netting sags and touches the ground,not only the bottom strand?

Many thanks for your help and hopefully you can save myself divirce fees.





I just received the cattrap in good order from SUER.

Thanks for your followup’s and service!


Best regards,

Jan Kuiper

That's great. Thanks for your help. More orders will hopefully soon follow.


Steve Barron
Pest-Go Ltd
I just wanted you to know that I am unhappy at the way you have continually implied that the problem is due to negligence on my part.  I am not some ham fisted-teenager but a 61 year woman who has been brought up to look after her possessions.  I know that you have to be cautious and obviously there are many people today who are not honest.  I don't tell lies as I have a Christian conscience and have to answer to a higher authority than yourself.
I know that there is no way in which I have abused this trap and will stand by this regardless of any conclusion you come to from your inspection.
Initially I was prepared to have a replacement but now on reflection I would request a refund of the cost of the one trap.  As yet I still have not had any mice in my small attic to test the other trap, and I know this as I have placed some of the chocolate outside near the entrance, but looking at the trap I have every confidence that it will work.  However, if there is any problem with it I will not be coming back to you for recourse.
I have complied with all your suggestions to rectify this fault, however, I would just like to mention that your suggestion to put tape over the one entrance was a bit unusual as it would be nothing for a trapped mouse to chew it's way through a bit of parcel tape!!
As I have said, I will be posting this faulty trap to you tomorrow and will get a certificate of postage with the price on it so will notify you of the cost as I would expect this to be added to the refund of £5.99 plus £2.99 original postage charge.
Just can't help some people
When I set the trap I broke the maltesers in half and put them far away from the entrance.  The good thing about maltesers is that once the air gets at them they start to melt and stick to the floor.  However, I did as you said and tapped the opposite corner but nothing was under the ramp. I even checked with a torch, it took a bit to get the right angle and I can assure you I did not put any pressure on any part of the ramp.
There is no point in resetting the trap as the end of the ramp is still showing and my clever mice will soon work out to pull it down.
The food was still in the other trap so no mice have been which is not unusual this time of the year as they can get food outside.  Still I expect they will be back and I will see what happens tonight.  That trap looks fine although my husband had not caught any mice in the shed so it has not been tested. 

Hi, Received the Larsen Trap this morning, thank you very much. I am very

Pleased with and the extremely fast delivery

Thank you very much for instructions, have set the trap and caught a rabbit, sorry for the delay in answering you email had problem with computer
Traps delivered safely with no problems. Thanks a million
Great little trap, it’s already setHi Trapman,

The trap arrived on schedule and setting up was simple as per 
instructions. I have got info & tips on setting up from your website which 
were very helpful as a beginner.
I was very impressed with the efficiency 
& speed of delivery & the promise of after sales support is appreciated. I 
would definitelly recommend your service & use again.

 this is just an email to let you know that the traps arrived today thank you very much.
Maney thanks   Traps arived at 9.30 first rabit caught at 10.15
    regards kevin hunt
just to let no know trap came today.  thank you.
Dara Reilly

Many thanks for supplying the above trap which is fine but didn't catch my loft visitor, I'm wondering if I might also need a mouse trap?? this is the second trap of this size that hasn't worked, I had assumed the visitor was either a rat or squirrel because I'd not seen any droppings, it has always eaten the nuts placed under the traps trigger! so it's either too light or has been watching Mission Impossible! it has also chewed a piece of heating pipe lagging.

Given the information above should I also buy a smaller trap for mice etc? if so please supply me your appropriate item number.

Best regards

Many thanks for kindly processing our order so promptly and for arranging delivery within 24 hours by your couriers! We were most impressed and also thanks for sending out the order upon receipt of our cheque. We are quite impressed with your invention and trust that you have patented the same?
Best wishes,
Gerry and Linda
I bought a fox trap from you last Summer.  I looked at your website for a long time before I decided to buy.  I remember emailing you at the time to ask "Do they really work in the countryside or just on urban foxes?  I scanned your testimonials but found no photos or particularly successfull stories.  Assuming I would have multiple uses for such a cage, I bit the bullet and purchased one.....................and low and behold, I caught Mr Fox :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
If you are able to share my testimonial on the website, let me know and I will email attach a photo of Mr Fox too.
Kind regards, Claire (Hertfordshire)


I’m a biologist in Alaska trying desperately to find a Gray Jay or Magpie decoy for use in our conservation (and capture) efforts for a rapidly declining bird.  However, I can’t find anything comparable in the United States.

I need about 12 magpie decoys like those you have available on your online shop.  I tried to purchase them from you online, but the USA was not one of the possible destination options.

Is it possible for me to purchase these from you and have them shipped here?  I am very short on options, and I would appreciate your assistance very much.  I hope we are able to do business.

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Best Regards,

Dear Sir/Madam
I live in France and am trying to order a couple of large mink traps.  Your website does not take account of non-English addresses and postcodes.
1.  Will it cope if I fill in a French address?
2.  Is the France delivery price accurate?
3.  How long will delivery take?
Your website says you can be telephoned 9-4 except lunchtime 12-1.  I have not been able to get through at these times.
An early reply would be appreciated, my fish and ducks are suffering badly.
Gordon Payne


They're definitely not dormice, pic attached.  I'm sure they're woodmice.  Anyway I've had another look at the trap and it seems to me that the springs holding the two inclined ramps in position are rather tight and I'm not sure if a mouse could physically push them down to get into the trap.  But then again I'm not an expert,(or a mouse!)  The mice are still there, I caught another two with the spring traps baited with chocolate but still nothing in your trap.


dead mouse

Just thought I’d let you know the traps arrived when you said you would and we’re very pleased with them, many thanks.

Kind regards


Just to say thanks and that the trap has arrived this morning.
Regards from Fodderty,
Dennis Manson.
just to let u know if u have not been notified already the trap has arrived and been deployed in the field
DPD are telling you "porkies".No delivery cards have been left and at present building work is going on on the site meaning that there are a gaggle of blokes about all day! The truth is trapman that the DPD driver has to walk a fair distance to make the delivery and if as I suspect your parcel is bulky/heavy he can't be bothered.Far easier to lie than make a difficult delivery.I won't accept any further charges for the delivery to be made...I have already paid for postage and packing.
I have spoken to DPD...may I ask you to do likewise?  Thanks
please can you help me?
We have received the trap and set as per the instructions.  The slice of apple is being taken from the trap but the animal still manages to escape as the trap door is not closing.  Is the spring mechanism too tight for the weight of the animal?  If so how can it be adjusted?  Or are there any other reasons why it may not be working?

please reply asap!
many thanks Pam
Thanks so much for your help, we have now caught the Glis Glis Hooray...
Thanks again for your quick response



 I bought two of your squirrel traps which arrived yesterday. I primed them with peanuts and set them on the patio. I then went to the gym. On my return I had caught two very alert and frightened squirrels. Two down and many more to go.
I am trying to rid myself of them because they have nested in my loft, not for the first time. We are now busy cutting trees down which they use to get onto our roof.
The order was received yesterday 22 March 2010 - i.e. 2 working days after shipment, (which is the normal time for airmail), added to your reaction time to shipping the order, means that you get a gold medal for service.
Please send instructions for the trap link setting.
Delivery made on time to the minute as per the DPD website prediction.
Thank you for your wonderful prompt service, trap arrived today, just brilliant!! MM
You asked for a message to let you know about postage times well my trap arrived today, only bought it yesterday. well done + also to Royal Mail ( less than 24hrs from order to delivery time is exellant !!!) 
I will recomend your traps to anyone I hear that needs one, as it is well constructed + of good design. Am sure it will catch the few I have easily and at least there is a bit of space for movement until it gets released !!
To date we have caught 31 moles in the traps - the most successful being the scissor traps - only 1 caught in the tunnel type trap and 2 in the other traps. Before buying the initial traps from you we had approx 50 new mole hills a day !!
I bought a mousetrap from you a few years ago ( and mentioned them in my book re worms composting!!). 

I have caught about 25 wood mice over the years, one time I had 4 tiny ones in it. Each mouse was released to the same area in my local park, where I knew there was plenty of cover and food for them but no wood mice population. 

I have never seen a kestrel hunting in this local park, not once in 26 years! Yet last year I saw one hovering over an area within the area I had resettled the wood mice. I would like to think that my resettled mice had started the nucleus of a breeding wood mouse population, hence the hunting kestrel 

I have a young rat in the garden now which is proving problematic!!

I have some which the rat does not appear to like.
Just a quick 1 to say thanks for the trap it works a TREAT! I caught about 12 mice the first night could not believe my eyes! and 2to3 more every day since its Excellent THANK YOU!
Fuerteventura Spain.
Hi & good Morning,
Just to let you know ---Traps arrived today--- many thanks for the quick service !
Now let's see if I can get the little bas***d !!!!
Hi The TrapMan.
Thank you very much.
I pick up your delivery yesterday.
All is OK.
K. W
Just wanted to say how efficient and easy to use trap was. Have successfully caught Rat after 4 days use and released back to wild

Item received today - thank you!  It makes a refreshing change for a British business to be able to supply and despatch an item within 24 hours of ordering.  WELL DONE!!
J. Collar
The Trap Man,
My order arrived today - THANK YOU
Dear Sir/Madam
I bought two mouse traps off you two weeks ago
They have done wonders and caught 7 mice that I have released.
The problem was the shed which appears to be mouse free now.
It still had an awful smell from the shed and I have found a decomposed mouse today which explains it. This was in an old style lethal trap.
However, last night something has tried to get into the shed and it had gnawed through the wood nearly getting entry
This is one nights work.
I enclose photograhs can you advise is it a rat or I found some acorns nearby a squirrel or fox attracted to rotting food?
Many thanks
Mike Duggleby

squirrel damage


Just an up-date to say that I have caught the elusive mole at last . I took your advice to fill the tunnel trap with earth , and I did two extra things . I buried a slice of thin slate about 2" wide underneath the tunnel floor to stop the mole going underneath , and I splayed the catching wire hoops out as far as possible at either end to maximise the distance between the hoops and the trigger because I suspected that the mole was pushing earth against the trigger while still outside the reach of the hoops . A relief here because it was making a mess of the newly turfed lawn . Thanks again , Roy
Hi Roy
The scissor type is best inclined slightly so that the mole passes over the bottom part of the prongs which should be below the base of the run, so that the mole does not detect it.exclude the light around the handles using turf.
Our tunnel ones may prove more effective if placed in the run when set and packed with earth. (set the trap, turn upside down and cup the trap full of earth before placing it into the run)
I really think that it's the correct setting rather than trying many different traps that will succeed in the long run.

Thank you for quick delivery – mouse trap has already caught 3 in first night of use!!
kind regards

Just wanted to say thanks for sending the multi-mouse trap so quickly. 5 caught - and rising!
It's brilliant - simple but ingenious, and it works.

Richard Peel



     Just a line or two to say we have just received rabbit traps as you promised. Thank you very much for the prompt service and delivery. I am so impressed.

I hope our furry friends appreciate this too!


                                                                        Many thanks once more.


                                                                         Ian C. Maltman.


Studley Royal Garden Centre


Thanks for your mail and information.
Believe it or not, it's 10 to 3pm and the post office has just delivered them. What  they've been doing with them all this time I have no idea. Still, at least they,ve finally turned up.
So, thank you for your         help.
thanks very much - received it safely and within two days it did the job.
Marion Jones

Goods have arrived safely, thank you.

John Rich

 I have been using one of your squirrel traps very successfully for two
years. The trap is sited on a shelf attached quite close to the top of a
fence that runs all round the garden. This is a great location because each
new squirrel uses the fence to survey the garden and runs along the fence
top. They quickly locate and enter the trap.

About 6 months ago birds began to enter the trap and eat the bait (peanuts
and sometimes peanut butter). Once this started, it became much more
difficult to trap squirrels as the bait had usually been eaten before the
squirrel arrived. I once found a young blackbird in the trap and released it
unharmed. That was the only occasion on which the bird was actually caught.

I have at last found a complete solution to the problem. I bought one of the
standard peanut bird feeders, removed the wire mesh cylinder, cut it back
slightly and installed it inside the trap, attached by wire to the end wall.
The cylinder stands on the floor of the trap and reaches almost to the top.

I now put the trap on the shelf and insert a small handful of peanuts from
above via a funnel. The nuts fall to the bottom of the cylinder but are
contained by it. The blackbirds have given up trying to get to the nuts but
the squirrels have no hesitation in entering the trap to try to reach the
nuts. The effectiveness of the trap is fully restored.

This is a very simple modification that you could offer to your customers,
possibly as an enhancement or a standard feature. I paid £5 for the feeder
and this was a £2 reduction. I am sure your customers would be happy to pay
a few pounds more if they encounter the same bird problems as I did. A
friend of mine who has the same sort of trap has experienced the same
problem with birds so this is clearly not an isolated instance.

By the way, I offer this suggestion (which may not be new anyway) with no
expectation of personal reward. I am just keen for others to be able to
solve the "bird problem".

the order has been received.

I have just received my Monarch rat trap: thank you for the speedy delivery. Not having used a multi-trap of this type before, I would be grateful for some general instructions on usage, particularly where and how to fix the bait and, what baits are likely to be effective. I was a little surprised to find no instructions at all supplied with the trap but appreciate that perhaps you normally supply to those who are already conversant with its use.

Since my problem is urgent, an email reply would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Nigel Carter

Sent instructions via email and are  here


Company SEUR has accepted the delivery in the new direction.
New management is not necessary.

The second parcel has just arrived! Thanks for all your help today



Product received all ok. Very pleased.
Nick rogers

I have read all your instructions on your web pages, but am left
wondering whether I need to do anything apart from opening the lid,
placing the bait inside and closing the lid. So far no mouse has
entered the trap although I know they are there - I can hear them
walking about.

No just bait it, if they still don't go in leave the lid open until the mice find the bait.

2 traps received today, a bit disapointed as 1 had no carrying 
handle, and I had to adjust the other as the door was not fitted on 1 

Your Comments Please

James Hinchcliffe

Full refund or replacement offered but not taken.....STRANGE ?

Hi there.
We bought one of your traps via Pest Control Supplies (http://www.pp csup and tried using it for the first time yesterday evening.  As instructed we placed the trap in the loft by a wall, put peanuts in as bait and on checking the trap a couple of hours later, all the peanuts had disappeared!  It therefore appears that the the non-return ramp is being by-passed by our intelligent mice.  We believe that somehow they must be able to push the ramp back down to get back out.
Is this something you have come across before and can you please give us any advice as to how to resolve the issue so that we actually catch the mice?  We have been through various traps with our mice, all of which they have either chewed through or by-passed - we really don't want to be forced to kill them but they are becoming a real nuisance.
Thank you in advance for any help you are able to give.
Kind Regards.
Louise Kennedy
Hi Louise. definitely not one of our traps, our traps have TRAPMAN on them and we never advise to use peanuts as bait in our multi-mouse traps.
thanks for mink trap which arrived today. Can't set it---setting bar does not hold spring loaded door up. Help please
Please ignore previous message---worked it out!!!!!!!!!
Thanks very much
Have now got the parcel.
The guy/driver said they only gave him my number yesterday
But all's well that ends well
The trap looks ideal thanks again for your help
Regards Dave

delivered at 12.41pm, thank you for your service 
Hello Bins n Benches
Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Squirrel Trap.

We received it on Tuesday, I set it up on Wednesday and this morning.....
one unhappy squirrel.

Friday, 13th - unlucky for some, in this case the squirrel!!

I can now fill up my bird feeders, safe in the knowledge that it is the
birds that are getting fed!

With kind regards and many thanks

Jo Braxton


Many thanks for your prompt reply and even faster service.
Best wishes
Hi. Item rec'd yesterday. Found it by accident at stated place as no
notification was put through letter box. You need to know that your carrier
did this.  Cheers - James
Will do.
Thank you very much for all your help and your quick


Thanks for the email but lets go ahead as quickly as possible - these
little chaps have started demolishing my conservatory as they strip the
window frames to build a drey.......

can you rush the order now you are back?


Hi TrapMan

thanks very much.

kindest regards 



No help needed!
Just thought I would drop you a line to say WOW!
I bought one of your humane mouse traps because we thought we had a slight mouse problem in our house. The 1st night I caught 4 in the same trap! 12 in 3 days....they love it! I just fill it with smellie food goodies and they can't wait!
Many thanks
from a very satisfied customer
Carol Mason
and some happy (alive) mice!
I just want to tell you that the traps are working brilliantly ! We caught 24 in one day. We are overrun by mice. We just put in a piece of chocolate and the rest is history. Thank you so much for looking at the traps and setting us straight. We know where to go if another problem emerges !
All the best,

Dear Trap Man, Received my multi mouse trap within 48 hours of ordering, and within 12 hours had caught 5 mice! They looked very content in the trap - having a malteser party, and were relocated to a more suitable location than my loft. What a brilliant piece of equipment. Have since reset and caught another one, here's hoping its the last. Many thanks, will recommend to anyone Jenny


I have experienced problems with squirrels for several months now, including trying to get into the roof space in my flat roof extension. I ordered the squirrel trap on Wednesday, it was delivered on Thursday and today (Friday) I have 2 less squirrels to worry about ! R E

Dear Trap Man,I purchased 2 tunnel type mole traps to try and eliminate a growing problem with resident moles. After weathering in my traps in the compost heap and selecting two suitable areas for setting the traps. I left them for 3 days.On checking the traps I was sucessful in trapping my first mole, what a strange looking, but fasinating animal they are (bit of a shame as he looked soft and furry, but non the less had overstepped his boundary!)So for my first attempt I would say this was good going. I have re-laid another trap in a fresh looking run, just to make sure Mr mole is not working in a team! Nick

Fox trap arrived 9am the day following your delivery EMail. An excellent service, it fitted together quite easy, thanks a lot. R.E.Town


Rat safely trapped, transported and released within 24 hours of receiving your trap. Very many thanks for trap, prompt response to questions and advice given.

Thank you for kindly supplying the above.
our trap has been most effective.  We have a small back garden the size of half a tennis court surrounded by trees.   Since first setting the trap on 29/7 it caught 12 squirrels, before one escaped through the gap.  Again, many thanks
A.J. G

Just received your product this morning
Thank you for your prompt service and


Hi  ,
Many thanks for your advice . I wish some of the other web retailers were half as easy to use and efficient as yourselves . FYI you ( TrapMan ) are recommended on several of the web forums I spend a bit of time on - self sufficiency & angling stuff . I'll be happy to endorse that in future .
Anyway , I've just had a chat with and ordered from Tony at Strangford - saved a bit on the carriage - which I'm sure was your intention so if you would cancel the order I placed with yourselves that would be great . I'm sure I'll be back , whether directly or via Strangford . Seems like a good bloke up there . Turns out he knows parts of Nairobi where I was teaching about a million years ago . Definitely a small world !

Dear Sirs
Just to let you know that you forwarded our order to your agent in N>
Ireland.  He was very efficient. The order was placed last Monday and we
received the squirrel and rabbit cages on Thursday.  Regards H S

Dear Andrew

We used the trap today for the first time.

We caught 4 squirrels in 2 hours.

As far as we know these were the only 4 using our garden regularly (no doubt we shall be proved mistaken  of course),

The results speak for themselves.  Absolutely excellent.It was effective and easy to use and painless to the squirrels (whom we have released in woodland a few miles away - I know it is illegal but  we will not kill animals - hence the trap).

Many thanks.

Hi Richard
I'm sorry you have had such a problem with this delivery, lets hope the trap will prove to be more effective than the delivery service, I'm sure it will be !

We have tried other delivery companies, Amtrak, ANC, parcel force, target, interparcel........ they ALL have their own faults.  We find that City Link is far from perfect and certainly not the least expensive but just about bearable.

Thanks for your comments they will be acted on.

Andrew, a good point.  In all of this I had overlooked that I'm trying to kill lots of squirrels!  this is the first trap I've seen that looks strong enough for the job.


Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service.



Dear TrapMan

My Mother-in-law spotted that she had mice in her garage when she was attempting to clean it out. After emitting a scream I was tasked with getting rid of them. (she said she saw 2!!!). Having 2 children they demanded that the mice be caught alive and set free and under no circumstances was I to set traps that would kill them.

I bought 2 cheap humane traps from the local DIY shed and these proved useless. The mice were obviously going in them but also getting out of them. On trawling the internet I came across your site and ordered one of your humane mouse traps.

After following the instructions I baited the trap and after 2 days caught a mouse. This was taken well away to a local wood and released. In another 2 days it caught 2 more who looked quite content in the trap and were released. The trap was re-set and another was caught and I've just had a call that another has been caught. The trap has caught 5 mice so I presume they have been in the garage a while and have bred.

I would like to put on record that the trap is first class. It works and the mice don't look too distressed when they are in there as long as it is checked regularly. My mother-in-law is now pleased that I am catching the mice but is getting a little nervous on the quantity. I know it is hard for you to say but from your experience how many mice do you think she may have. I'm sure they are not returning as I am taking them 2 miles away.

Thank you for your help and keep up the good work.


Thanks for keeping me informed, very professional and much appreciated.

I have contacted City Link and collected my package this morning. One of the traps was dinted on the short edge but I have straightened it out and it doesn't seem to adversely affect the operation of the trap.I had waited in yesterday until 1:30pm but the delivery was timed at 3:30pm.... you can probably guess City Link aren't my favourite carriers. :-) 

Very happy with your service and product ... can't wait to start evicting my uninvited house guests.

Best regards,
The delivery driver returned in the afternoon.  I heard him at the door this
time and took delivery.  Everything seems ok.

once again, thankyou for the prompt delivery,


My order 1######3 has just arrived! Many thanks for your excellent and speedy service.


Henry R A

Invoice No 1###8

Thanks for the two traps received within 48 hours of purchase (impressive!).

I've worked out how to cock the mechanisms without catching my fingers (some feat!).

However, would be grateful for any other advice.

Many thanks


Received goods today.

Thank you for speedy response.


Delivery was excellent , thankyou


received your squirrel trap this week and have trapped and released SIX squirrels in 24 hours. I can’t recommend your traps highly enough.

A small improvement would be a small metal pate for the bait to stop them digging under the trap to get the bait and perhaps a plate at the back to stop them getting their paws through te bards and nicking the bait! I have solved these problems with a sheet of plywood and a brick – but just a suggestion.


trap arrived 2 days ago and is now set and awaiting mr squirrel, thanks for the info

Having used your squirrel trap for a while now I feel that the design can be improved.

When the door is open and the trap is set, the door can jam against the top of the cage with the result that when the trap is triggered the squirrel escapes because the door does not close.   A thin smooth rod along the edge of the door would stop it from jamming against the top of the cage.

Three squirrels have been caught so far.   It would have been more if it were not for this defect.

 The Trap Man,  Design has been changed, but the problem was with a damaged trap


We were out today so I left a letter on my front door to Initial City Link to say that they can leave the parcel at our rear porch or with a neighbour but to put a note through my door to let me know where the parcel was left.
We were home about 4 hours and at about 5 p.m there was. a knock at our door. A neighbour found a package  outside of  someone's house (they were away and she was going to walk their dogs). She was going to put the parcel in their house but saw our name and bought it over. Our house name is clearly on our house. There was no name on the house they left the package. They left it at a stranger's house and didn't let me know . City Link did not leave me a note or even leave the package at MY house.
I think this is very shabby. The other people could have taken the package and kept it and I would not have known.
I think you should get in touch with Initial City Link and let them know what happened.
Susan Thorkildsen

I have followed your instructions to the letter – washed it, put in new bait, re-sited it – and done so several times, but I have still not caught any mice.  There are definitely mice still around as there are droppings all over the place.  I don’t know what else to do.  I would really like to return them to you and exchange them for a set of 20 self-set traps and see if I have better luck with those.

I tried phoning this morning but didn’t get an answer.
Mary Davis

I had to let you know how pleased I am with the service and the Larsen Trap I have received from you.  The confirmation/delivery e-mails were as promised and in 2 days Hey Presto! my trap was here. 
    I particularly like the concept of the trap being able to be flat packed for storage when not in use,as so easy to assemble with the cable-ties. Also the plastic coated floor for easy cleaning.

In the summer I borrowed a trap of similar design and was catching a magpie most days.  Unfortunately, the Game-Keeper wanted it back and I was using a wooden framed trap with side entry.  For the last 5 weeks I have not caught anything,hence my order to you.  I assembled your trap yesterday and this morning I was greatly pleased to be back on the catch again!

Just goes to show a magpie can't resist a great trap when it sees one!

One very Happy Customer


I bought two more multi mouse traps from you last week but so far have not managed to catch anything.  Can you help?

I already had a couple of the traps in the loft where a few mice were caught towards the end of last year but nothing since.  The new traps have been laid since last Tuesday, one behind the sofa where we found lots of droppings and the other on the kitchen worksurface, again with evidence of being on their trail. Both have also been covered on top to make them darker. We tried Snickers bar and peanut butter as bait for the first 5 days and changed it to seeds and dog treats (they seem to like those!) yesterday.  We have removed everything from our worksurfaces in the kitchen as they had obviously been running riot everywhere, just leaving the trap and they completely avoid it.  We are unable to ascertain where the mice are entering the property and they seem to be getting braver by the day.  Do you have any ideas as I really cannot continue to live like this?

We also purchased a plug-in ultra-sonic mouse and insect deterrent (I think from yourselves but really can't recall) (not from The Trap Man) last year and have had this plugged in all of the time but it really does nothing to deter & in fact seems to attract them!  Any thoughts on this?

Kind regards

Thank you for your excellent service!.  I place the order on Sunday evening and it has just arrived.
Mrs A H

I am very impressed. I ordered a squirrel trap on Friday and it was delivered at lunchtime today (Tuesday) as promised. I baited it and have trapped my first squirrel after just 2 hours. Great service, great product.

John T
received your product this afternoon at 2.45 thanks very much  c d

Thanks for sending the replacement gloves they arrived this time.

Thanks also for supplying the trap. I left it out for a week for weathering purposes and then opened it on Friday night. By Saturday morning I had trapped it's first squirrel. Same again Saturday night Sunday morning.

So far the trap has a 100% success rate, set twice two squirrels.


Having invested in Espalier section in garden, along with other reasons, am wanting to artificially and temporarily limit number of grey squirrels. Invested in 2 of your traps and baited them with peanuts, but success awaited. Having semi-resident barn owl that regularly see, blamed heavy infestation mice/voles for devouring every single peanut, rapidly. However, beneficiaries of my feeding were eventually seen through binoculars as being a small squadron of bluetits. My boxes, where they nested this year, have holes of 7/8" and checking mesh size of trap find it is exactly 1".  I love to have bluetits around and their nest boxes are topped up with peanuts because believe they overnight there in winter. Question is do you know how to otherwise lure greys into the 1" meshed traps ?  Even if majority of cage is wrapped with ½" wire, inevitable there must be some parts of trap that are of 1", seems to me.
Thanks your response, having no idea where I got the 2 things from, you are absolved from any further questions. Have dumped them and the (excellent) website of Trapman and am trying something else.

Got it today. You have made so many people here happy – a squirrel was systematically emptying out pots of bulbs and eating them.
These seem to be about £10 cheaper than yours?
Click here: Charli es Dir ect - Multi-Mouse Trap Large
(NOT THE SAME TRAP)not in stock, delivery more expensive, we will better any like for like trap, The Trap Man.


Many thanks foe your excellent service. I received the trap next day and am hoping for results
shortly. It would be nice to have Christmas minus our unwelcome "lodgers" in the roof.

best regards

Mrs H L

Score so far with your trap is just one. I am having a problem with birds eating the peanuts. If the door is open Blue tits and Coal tits - which abound round here, just go straight through the door. I tried hanging some mesh inside the door flap, which should in theory allow squirrels of all but the most timid nature to gain access, but ought to deter birds. Unfortunately, the mesh from which the trap is made is sufficiently big to allow small birds to go straight through. Have other people had these problems?  If the trap were made of smaller mesh, this would stop birds getting through the side, but that would still let them in through the door. Could you design a flap that deterred birds but allowed squirrels in?


Dear Mr TrapMan,

Just wanted to say thank you ever so much. The Monarch Trap arrived 
today, 1 and 1/2 days after I placed my order. It looks very well 
crafted indeed, simple but highly effective. I'll start using it 
right away!

Have a very happy year!


Order arrived today - no phone call needed - most efficient and many thanks for that.  I will now see if I am any good at getting rid of squirrels!

have recently bought three different “ultrasonic” devices and although I suspect the creatures are not living in our attic & bird room know we are still having visitors. We are also having visits from a rat in the last few weeks.

Any suggestions please?


PS I once bought a £10 humane trap which was plastic, and they chewed a hole in it!

Dear  Sir or Madam

I have just purchased your squirrel trap and I was very happy when it
arrived so that I could begin the process of eradicating this problem in my
loft but on opening the box I discovered that a small upright above the door
was missing and another 2 bars were slightly detached where the weld had
snapped apart. I repaired it temporarily by binding it with some wire that I
found and I used it that evening and I was very impressed with the results
and the next evening when I looked the trap had done its job. On reloading
the trap, the couple of welds that were holding the door section in place
detached completely and for that reason I had to take the trap to work to
reweld the parts back together so that I can use it again. I am pleased with
the results of your trap but very disappointed with the quality of
workmanship. If I was not in the position to repair it, I would have had to
go through the inconvenience of sending it back to you.

Regards A S

Thankyou for your quick response to the E mail I sent you about my broken trap. The transaction reference number was 1######9 but as I pointed out in my previous E mail, I took the trap to work and rewelded the front back into position and filled the gap with a piece of welding wire. So I do not require any further action to be taken as I said it is a very good kit with the gloves and the torch but I was just a little disappointed the front became detached so quickly. I have reset the trap  but until now I have not caught another one so hopefully I have solved the problem and it was only the one. Thanks once again for offering to send me another trap, it is nice to see a company take aftersales service seriously.

Regards A S

Hi There :)

Thankyou so much for the speedy delivery of my order, also i would like to thankyou for sending a mail in regards to the missed delivery (you dont get this with other companies)  I have been in touch and they will re deliver tomorrow again thanks :)

Mr E A

"A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside."
A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.

Thanks for the trap, arrived Wednesday,  it was easy to put together and was
put out that night.  The fox took the bait from the unset trap the first
night and on the second night, the trap was set and the fox caught!!  Great
job.  This "villain" has slaughtered over 20 chickens and rabbits over the
previous month so as you can imagine we are very pleased! Would recommend
this trap to anyone with a persistent fox.  Thank you.

Spoke to you last week regarding new wire for fox trap, you asked me to put
it in the email about the success of the trap and I think I forgot.  If I
did, please could we have a new wire.  Also, just to let you know that
because of the number of foxes, my dad rigged up a temporary wire (very
fragile as first fox mangled the clips) and has now caught another 2 foxes,
that is three in less than a week.  However, the last fox (a dog) has well
and truly finished off temporary wire so we do still need the proper

Great job done - think there is one more to go but based on this last week
don't think it will be a problem!

Thanks very much.  Have recommended trap to several people as we run a
poultry club in Sussex and foxes are a real nuisance to our members.
Dear Sirs,

We look forward to receiving this trap.  Our experiences with the American edition have not been good, the squirrels take the bait but failed to set off the trap, as a consequence we now have some very fat squirrels in Cambridgeshire

Kind regards


Very impressed by the speed of delivery.  As one of your other customers
said, saying, "Thank you" for a good service sometimes goes amiss in the
high speed world we live in today.

The only thing i would have liked is to have a sheet of setting
instructions.  Other than that first class service.

Yours sincerely


Squirrel setting instructions should be on the back of your invoice attached to the parcel

from: D O, Guildford, Surrey (next to NT woodland of some size)

Before Christmas I bought one of your £19.95 humane squirrel traps on-line. It arrived quickly, well-packed, and was easy to set up in our garden following the instructions.

Within 24 hours I had trapped my first squirrel.  By 20 January I had successively trapped 17 grey squirrels (they are, or rather were, a pest in our garden and a menace to our RSPB birdfeeders, as we have many rare bird species that feed, such as the Greater Spotted Woodpecker (six of them). We also trapped and killed one magpie (good, as they raid smaller birds' nests !)

We only had one near-miss: an unusually small squirrel was able to eat the bait without tripping the trap, and escaped out of it. However, moving the setting bar slightly so as to ensure a 'hair trigger' release of the door from the treadle (not in the instructions, but if you're a model engineer like I am you can work these things out), ensured success the next time the small squirrel came back to eat more peanut butter.

We now have achieved our objective of a squirrel-free garden, and I shall recommend your squirrel trap to anyone.

Oh, by the way, the thicker and the chunkier the peanut butter, the better.  Our squirrels turned up their noses at the Co-Op or Tesco brands, and preferred Waitrose or Sainsburys.

David Orchard

Hello Andrew

Just wanted to give some feed-back on the Humane Squirrel Trap. We have had it less than a week and have trapped 6 squirrels so far. The trap is easy to set up; we have found that smearing the top of the pressure plate with peanut butter and putting a piece of Snickers bar (also liberally smeared with peanut butter) behind it makes an effective and durable bait. Licking the peanut butter off the plate seems to give the squirrel confidence and then they lean on the pressure plate to get at the Snickers bar. Scatter a few peanuts around the trap and you have a squirrel magnet!

Overall an excellent product and great value for money.

M J – Cheshire

Hi there,

If you could give me some advise with the use of the Duffus mole trap I'd really appreciate.

I bought a pack of ten from you a few months ago and on the first use we had success.

Recently, mole activity in the area (like many) has really increased and the lawn has lots of mole hills.  I have set around 10-12 traps and each one has been back-filled by the wiley little buggers: I have caught none!

Can you give me some advise as to how I can increase my strike rate and perhaps minimise the amount of traps that are getting filled?


Hi Nick
dig down to a horizontal run carefully excavate to expose the clear run.
set the trap and push it down into the run, make sure the catching loop(s) is below the run floor, pack soil down each side of the trap, sprinkle loose earth over and openings around the trap, cover the hole with a slate or tile to exclude light, leave for two days.

if this does not work, move the trap to another run.

if he still pushes the traps up, cup some soil into an upturned set trap and set it as above. (fill the trap with soil)
let me know
. The Trap Man
You are a genius!!  I bedded the trap in to the soil and hey presto we caught a large adult male - no more hills for the time being!

Just to let you know the latest tally is 17!
I still have the same decoy bird,it is almost a pet.
The traps have been closed from before Xmas up until 2 weeks ago as I was away up North as unfortunately my father died and I had a young lad feeding the ducks and magpie.  But I did put the trap besides the duck house to protect it from the wind and covered the whole top of the trap against the weather.

When I got back 2 weeks ago, trap was back out and caught a couple of singles and then best of all a PAIR,one in each trap.  The buzz was wonderful
and now a total of 17. Amazing how another pair move in, and soon be young ones coming along too.  I have passed one I caught to a local farmer
who was most surprised to learn that I had a trap, well, it was the least I could do in exchange for 2 pedigree farm kittens for a friend with a rat/mouse problem at her livery yard.

Right, that's about all for now......but will keep you updated

hi there, received the trap yesterday and last night we caught 4 big mice which have now been set free a few miles away. i have tried various forms of humane traps and plug ins with little or no success. we are so pleased with the results so here goes for another batch tonight! we live in the country so its an ongoing problem.  thanks once again and i will certainly recommend you.   regards 

Hi there,
Just a quick  note to say thank you very much for such excellent service. We only placed the order at the weekend, and the trap came yesterday! 
We set it up last night, but have not tried your suggested bacon or kipper yet. Will get some of that tomorrow, as it seems our little friend is a bit wary!
Many thanks again,
Thank you for your delivery which we got this afternoon in good working order.

Just thought I would let you know that I have caught all 3 little buggers…..but guess how….did they get caught in the new fandangled hi tech mouse catcher trap? Surprise surprise, NO…
These three little blighters had no intention of going into such a contraption….I waited and waited and waited and waited patiently for the little buggers to find a way into the said trap. I bet you’re really intrigued, how did I catch them without the use of your trap?
Having the patience to get to know these little buggers is how. They began to come into the kitchen round about the same time each evening using the boiler above the toaster. They would find they’re way into the cooker, into the grill pan and attack the aluminium paper sitting on the grill pan. Upon our arrival into the kitchen, they would in single file pile down the back of the cooker out of sight, but not out of mind. We would find evidence of the little buggers having been in the toaster, they ate the crumbs on the crumb tray and would leave a mess under the toaster.
One by one they were caught in seven days, gosh how did you do that without using the traps? I hear you ask….Well I’ll put you out of your misery now and forever and perhaps you  will start selling these as the new modern way to catch mice….i caught them in wait for it wait for it THE TOASTER, THE TOASTER!
What a wonderful invention. On creeping into the kitchen at about 8.15 pm I would hear munch crunch, munch crunch. I couldn’t believe my eyes when upon peering into the toaster where the sound was coming from there sitting inside was a Woodmouse, being totally consumed by his hunger, he continued to much and crunch his way through the offerings of the toaster, quickly I reached for a tea towel and put it over the top of the toaster so that the mouse could not escape and transferred him into the awaiting fish tank all ready and waiting with a comfy little house with a comfy little bed with food and water.
I caught the other two the same way. I caught the last one last night and put it into the fish tank with the other two, they are really rather quite sweet, the two others came out to say hello and thy all seemed to know one another so I guess they must be from the same family. I think there maybe one or two more, I heard more scurrying above the boiler in the kitchen, so wish me luck.
We are hoping to let them go at the weekend, take them on their long vacation to a nice place where food is plentiful and housing good.
Anyway hope this gave you a laugh,

Best regards

hey trapman,
courier found me ok after phoning;rabbit trap now set and
in place,looking forward to rabbit for dinner,and less teeth marks on our
young trees!

Very good of you – thanks very much indeed.


That's kind, thanks. I've yet to start planting out spring brassicas, but the little dears made short work of the winter ones, so thanks again!


This is a brand new folding larsen trap, it has either double side entry or double top entry, Half the trap is used for the call bird and the rest is divided into two catching cages.The trap folds down flat and comes complete with instructions, this is the best larsen trap i have seen and all the previous problems associated with these traps has been addressed in this design.Made from coated weld mesh and will last for many years.

Thank you for your e-mail. I attach a photograph of my Squirrel trap. I have put a blue circle round thepart which has broken off. It should attach to the flap when the Trap is set. The last time the trap was triggered it broke off. I hope this is sufficient help for you. I am afraid that I have mislaid the invoice of the original purchase but it was ordered on the internet at the end of December or beginning of January. Paid by Mastercard
Sorry Jeff this is not one of our traps, we do not make or stock spare parts for big cheese traps, if we did supply spares for big cheese traps we would be very rich !!
big cheese so called squirrel trap

Dear Sirs

I have just received my order 1######2, I am very pleased with the items,and
their quality, they are ment to last for some time, do you manufacture a
smaller version that perhaps will go in cupboards or at least in confined

Many thanks A C
I've tried all you suggest with the result that the bait gets eaten and the door is closed behind them! I came to the conclusion that we had mice and not glis-glis, so I bought a simple humane mouse trap which did yield some results, i.e. 3 mice in 3 nights!

In view of the above I would like to ask you to accept the return of my ferret trap and give me credit on a humane multi-mouse trap, which is what I really need at this stage
Just send it back with a print out of this email and I'll arrange to send a multi mouse to you by return.


Your humane mouse trap was delivered to me yesterday and I baited this overnight with some peanut butter and blue riband chocolate biscuit.

This morning there were 4 mice in the trap, which have now been relocated.

Based on these results I would certainly recommend this product

We are a local rescue group and we recently bought a trap from you. Not only
did we find the price very reasonable (a must as we have limited funds) but
the service was excellent. We needed to trap a young cat that had recently
had kittens. Although sadly one kitten died mummy and babies are now happily
reunited which would have been impossible without your trap, A heartfelt
thanks to you and your staff from Fur and Feathers Kent.

Hiya, just to let you know the order was delivered today and I am very happy with the goods.
Thank you

Fox traps are NOT designed to catch badgers.


Just wanted to say many thanks for the quality product and great
service.   The score as of today is Squirrels 0 , Me 3 !! It took a
little time to find the best position and bait but three straight
catches and no near misses gets the trap a big thumbs up from me
although I doubt the squirrels would agree. Hopefully that's the whole
family out of the roof at last but needless to say I'm keeping a
careful eye on things up there and will be ready to repel further
boarders if necessary before sealing the hole when it's all quiet.  A
very surprising amount of serious damage in such a short time :(

Thanks very fast delivery owl looks great he should be a hoot

Thanks for the update.

I'll tell the rats to get their bags packed as they are about to go on a long journey

Hello there,

Firstly thank you for the speedy delivery, two days sharp!

I got my humane mouse trap yesterday and placed it beneath the sink as it is where I have seen the mouse droppings, not actually seen the mouse....thanks god! and put some hazelnuts and water but my mouse still in the loose. Could you tell me if it takes a while before the little fellow feels tempted to get in? can I maybe place something more temping in the box? I am guessing this is a very tiny mouse (my cat dragged it in as it's happened before but on the other two occasions I was at home and caught them on the spot) and I am concerned if it is too light to actually move the ramp down and get in, could I please get some advise as it's been almost a week since I got this house guest and it's making me very anxious. I want it out!!

Many thanks and kind regards,

cheers goods arrived in good health

hi just a very quick thank-yu for the wonderful service which i recieved
from you with the order of the larsen trap springs superb 

The trap arrived this morning. Thank you very much for such a speedy service

For your statistics: it has arrived this morning (wednesday).
This means two days.
Trap was delivered to Europe

Goods received yesterday am thank you for such prompt service

Dear TrapMan

I should like to comment on the advice on your website concerning trapping squirrels & suggest some simple but very effective alternatives for baits & locations.

The baits which you suggest attract other mammals & birds. They also degrade quite rapidly & can be "messy" to use.  Ideally a durable "Squirrel-specific" bait is required.
I have found that hard-shell nuts fill these requirements ideally to the point where they seem to act as Squirrel attractants!  I have found that 3 or 4 old Xmas nuts like hazels, almonds, walnuts are excellent & at this time of the year nectarine & peach stones are very good alternatives. I expect that in the autumn "conkers" will be equally effective since squirrels bury them all over my garden!  I place the nuts on a small lid or dish in the trap.

I have found that by far the most effective location for the trap is close to a bird feeder since squirrels are very partial to peanuts. In my garden the trap is below a bird feeder against the house wall & only 2m from the back door.

I was under the impression that there were only 2 or 3 squirrels in the vicinity of my garden. Since April I've trapped 17 of the beggars----5 in the last 7 days, 11 in the past 3 weeks! No other species have been trapped by accident.

Perhaps this info will help others who are determined to reduce the grey squirrel menace. 

Sincerely  G K


With your advice on setting mole traps, I’ve got the bugger (at last!).  Now his mates moved in so off I go again.

Anyway the point of the email.  On the page you say “ I'm not sure about the latest type of electronic mole deterrent devices, but I suspect that you might need a lot of these (and even more batteries) to cover a large area”

I’ve tried these and they just don’t work what so ever.  I followed the instructions and had 2 in a 30m x 10m garden for 6 months.  The mole even made hills right next to them.  They ‘may’ have worked for a few weeks to begin with, but I’d guess Mr mole gets used to the vibration/noise and carries on regardless.

Gary Robson


You might be interested that the licence for Scotland can be found here

bought a squirrel trap in spring and have put it to use over the last 3 weeks and am delighted. 27 in 13 days. Had some dificulties in getting started (now us an neigbours garden) but very effective trap. I use frozen turkey slices as bait but must be fresh for some reasonif if it dries out they dont want to know! The squirrel trap too is brilliant. Loaded with a bird feed fat ball hung inside the trap using a paper clip and they flock to it, 17 in 10 days An advantage is that the complete cage can be picked up, inverted, and is a nice fit into a standard kitchen swing-top bin. All in all great products.

trap delivered Tuesday mole dead Wednesday thanks will recommend your trap Barry  

Thank you so much for your reply and your excellent website!  I have been at the end of my tether!  I have actually just spoken with one of your distributors - shooting shack retail, and they are coming to see me tomorrow evening, and are going to deal with this problem for me!  (as much as I hate these magpies, I could not destroy them myself!). 
So again - thank you!
Kind regards,
Be D

Hi TrapMan!

Many thanks for the advice.  He is now safely "behind bars" after 24 hours
on the run!

Kind regards.


Just wanted to thank you for your very prompt service in getting two traps to France.  I ordered them last Monday and the delivery should have been on Friday (but we were out) so we got them on Saturday.  I wish everyone was as efficient!!

Traps look fine and I shall wait and see how well they work!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you ! - the mole trap was a success - now we can restore the lawn !

Kind regards


Order received safely. Very many thanks for the prompt delivery.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs J M A

Message Received: Sep 20 2006, 09:57 AM
From: "The Trap Man"
bit dissapointed as we have only just got back from holiday. We have only just seen the delivery cards on return today. Not good business. 
Why order the OWL then go on holiday for two weeks !!!!! The Trap Man


I bought a fox trap from you last week.  I know you said it was not for a dog, but that's why I needed it.  My dog was too scared to be caught by any other means.

It worked absolutely perfectly!  Wonderful - many thanks.


I received the trap yesterday and caught my first loft-dwelling squirrel tonight, a youngster who had managed, at the first try, to take the bait without setting off the trap! So I tried attaching a bit of Snickers to the treadle with a paper-clip, as your instructions suggest. Bingo!! I caught the mother with another trap on Saturday, but only your trap has been sensitive enough to catch a juvenile. I'm hoping to catch its sibling tomorrow! Delighted with the product - easy to set, very quiet door closure, large carrying handle, no chance of catching the squirrel's tail and it works! Thank you very much. I'm feeling better already!
Kim Forster.
(Feel free to post these comments on your website, if you wish)
Hi, Thought you'd like to know that I followed your advice and caught another, larger squirrel this morning. Thanks. Here's hoping there's not many more to go!
Kim Forster

Dear Trap Man Company

YOU ARE ABSOLUTE DARLINGS.   I really do appreciate all the trouble you have gone to, despite the fact that none of it was your fault.   SEUR should not be able to constantly get away with their sloppy attitude.   £15 can go towards the next trap, should we need another.

We have so far we have caught 3 cats, but last week they managed to eat the food & get out!
Hopefully, we can make a little improvement to the animals in this area, who suffer dreadfully.


Thanks very much for this quality of service. I didnt expect you to send me another one as it was the fault of the courier. With regard to your earlier email, I'm sorry but I put the courier damaged trap in the bin yesterday and it's on its way to a landfill by now.

I will be showing my trap to my neighbor, who has a similar rodent problem to me at this time of year, and will pass him your company details.

Sorry for for any bother this has caused you.




Hya !

Trap just delivered in sunny Spain.

Very pleased with it, great sevice too.

Thanks for your help,

Best regards,


Hi there

I received my humane mouse trap today.  It was delivered to Tesorillo, Spain post office as we had agreed.

Thank you very much


Hi there,

Success a week ago, though it's a bit difficult knowing where the lil' bustard's head is when one is hitting the jute bag.  I used peanut butter as instructions advise, placing it on the treadle.  I then watched and seethed while a furry invader checked it out, went inside, and proceeded to lick all of the peanut butter off the treadle, with its tail sticking out the end of the trap.  Just as I was about to take video of this I figured out how to really make the trap work: They've got to step on the treadle, so I put a few nuts and suet past the treadle.  This tripped the mechanism.  I returned home an hour or so after setting this up to find my prisoner awaiting despatch, and took care of him in the following manner:

1. Place jute bag round end of cage where plastic door is;
2. Pull door up and open - squirrel rushes into bag;
3. Grabbed end of bag to assure its closure and trapped vermin;
4. Try to hold it down and bang away with hammer.

When I was finished with this awful-but-necessary business I looked down to find that my left forearm had been scratched rather badly by the little $%&, with some blood resulting.  Flushed with alcohol then water, repeat.  Bandaged up, and a tetanus shot the next day at the clinic, and applied Savlon for the next week or so to help avoid scarring.

1. Place jute bag round end of cage where plastic door is;
2. Pull the door up and open - squirrel rushes in;
3. 2x4 down to keep squirrel in bag, pull trap away;
4. Hold 2x4 down, grab hammer, bang away.

Along with the instructions above I would advise a revision to your instructions along these lines, but most of all add the line, "WEAR LONG SLEEVED CLOTHING".  I've already got elephant-skin gloves but in my enthusiasm to get it over with had forgotten to put a long-sleeve garment of any kind on.  Thoughts about werewolf movies resulted, and a craving for nuts.

The trap was left out in last week's rain, and then hosed off as well when I was going to use it again.  While there have been occasionally workmen at the back-of-house - this is a 60ft-deep garden - none of the remaining three squirrels have gone for the bait.  Is it possible that in his panic the first squirrel sprayed the trap enough to send a warning to any others in the clan that might approach?  They haven't even come close to sniff at it, and I have put it round the garden in various places to no changed effect.

Thanks in the meantime, only three left.







The Traps arrived this afternoon
Thanks for your super speady service !
All the best


I am very impressed. I ordered a squirrel trap on Friday and it was delivered at lunchtime today (Tuesday) as promised. I baited it and trapped my first squirrel after just 2 hours. Great service, great product.

I had to let you know how pleased I am with the service and the Larsen Trap I have received from you. The confirmation/delivery e-mails were as promised and in 2 days Hey Presto! my trap was here. I particularly like the concept of the trap being able to be flat packed for storage when not in use,as so easy to assemble with the cable-ties. Also the plastic coated floor for easy cleaning.

In the summer I borrowed a trap of similar design and was catching a magpie most days. Unfortunately, the Game-Keeper wanted it back and I was using a wooden framed trap with side entry. For the last 5 weeks I have not caught anything,hence my order to you. I assembled your trap yesterday and this morning I was greatly pleased to be back on the catch again!
Just goes to show a magpie can't resist a great trap when it sees one!
One very Happy Customer
Regards Ingrid

Dear TrapMan
My Mother-in-law spotted that she had mice in her garage when she was attempting to clean it out. After emitting a scream I was tasked with getting rid of them. (she said she saw 2!!!). Having 2 children they demanded that the mice be caught alive and set free and under no circumstances was I to set traps that would kill them. I bought 2 cheap humane traps from the local DIY shed and these proved useless. The mice were obviously going in them but also getting out of them.
On trawling the internet I came across your site and ordered one of your humane mouse traps. After following the instructions I baited the trap and after 2 days caught a mouse. This was taken well away to a local wood and released. In another 2 days it caught 2 more who looked quite content in the trap and were released. The trap was re-set and another was caught and I've just had a call that another has been caught. The trap has caught 5 mice so I presume they have been in the garage a while and have bred. I would like to put on record that the trap is first class. It works and the mice don't look too distressed when they are in there as long as it is checked regularly.
My mother-in-law is now pleased that I am catching the mice but is getting a little nervous on the quantity. I know it is hard for you to say but from your experience how many mice do you think she may have. I'm sure they are not returning as I am taking them 2 miles away.
Thank you for your help and keep up the good work. thanks A H

We used the trap today for the first time. We caught 4 squirrels in 2 hours. As far as we know these were the only 4 using our garden regularly (no doubt we shall be proved mistaken of course), The results speak for themselves.
Absolutely excellent.It was effective and easy to use and painless to the squirrels (whom we have released in woodland a few miles away - I know it is illegal but we will not kill animals - hence the trap). Many thanks.

Dear Sirs
Just to let you know that you forwarded our order to your agent in N> Ireland. He was very efficient. The order was placed last Monday and we received the squirrel and rabbit cages on Thursday.
Regards H S

Just received your product this morning Thank you for your prompt service and delivery. Yours K.B

Rat safely trapped, transported and released within 24 hours of receiving your trap. Very many thanks for trap, prompt response to questions and advice given. Liz

dont be so flippant you a**e hole, i have been an internet user for ten years, I will of course report your poor service ( i work for B******g & D*********m environmental control). I do hope your business gets what it deserves, AE
subsequently ordered online (although the office didn't want to accept his order)

Hi Andrew, Just wanted to say thanks very much for sending trap. It arrived Friday and is now in use. Thanks again. Regards J (Arch)

I thouht you’d like to know that within a couple of hours of setting the squirrel trap with a peanut butter covered walnut I caught a female grey.
Thanks Good service and good product.
Regards D G

Hello, just to let you know that I received the traps today & wanted to thank you for a really excellent service. Thanks again P B

Many thanks, Trap has arrived - assembly couldn't be easier - nice product CF

I just wanted to say thank you for my order which I received today.
Mrs P F. Kidderminster

Thank you I can report that the mouse in the front room was caught on the second night , also put trap in next room and one in there also. Thank you for making something that worked. Both mice are happy in a small copse on Lincoln common. Thank you Chris

Superb delivery time, many thanks. Squirrel sighted, trap set and first one caught within 20 minutes - brilliant. T H

Dear All
We live in a society where nobody says thank you anymore - so I wanted to put that right by saying a big thank you to all concerned in the above order no. From the start of the transaction to the arrival of the cat trap in Spain the service was exceptional.
All my emails were answered promptly and with courtesy. I know you probably don't have contact with DHL direct but again the delivery service was superb. My friend in Spain can now trap the local feral cats, have them neutered and return them to their surroundings knowing that the cat population of her area will be reduced.
Once again thank you all so much
Kind regards

Just a note to say fantastic service - delivered next day after order. Our errant cat has now been recovered from her lair under our shed.

I thought i had one or two suirrels damaging my oak trees. I set my trap and caught one every day for two weeks ,what a success! I did nearly lose my trap when before checking in the morning it had been dragged 100 yards and thru a hedge by who knows what. Visitors Name: simon c

Probably a fox, secure the trap with a stake or tie it to an immovable object

The Trap Man
The Trap Man
Here is a log of my experience in buying the Folding Rabbit Trap, good and bad. There are a few points you might wish to address for future customers.
1 Enjoyed the web site and like another customer was impressed that user comments were printed whether favourable or not. Slightly worried that only one other customer as far as I could see had tried the rabbit trap but I had a rabbit problem and the folding rabbit trap seemed to be the solution.
2 Had some difficulty ordering the traps as at one stage I got diverted onto an American web site. Placed the order at the second attempt.
3 Traps arrived about a week after placing the order and was I pleasantly surprised at how small they folded up.
4 Opened up the packaging and looked for the instructions. Not that I am the sort of person that reads the manual before assembling but it was not immediately clear how it slotted together to set the trap. Also I was not sure that I had correctly fitted the non-moving end. No instructions were included.
5 Went to the web site for instructions. No specific mention of the non-moving end panel but there was a photo of the assemble cage with invitation to click for a larger picture. Unfortunately got a "404 error" message- picture not found. The small picture suggested a more vertical set up for the non-moving end than I had managed. It seems that the prongs should fit into the last set of mesh holes but the best I can manage on one is two from the end and three from the end on the other, which reduces the space for the bait. Hope it does not impact on the success of the trap.
6 Printed off instructions for setting the trap. It ran to 4 pages, padded out with non relevant garbage, which was quite unnecessarily long and non user friendly. And it lost part of the text because it runs wider than A4 Portrait. Printing it in Landscape is much better but still 4 pages (or to be more precise 3 plus a bonus blank page). Tried to cut and paste it into Word in order to have a one page manageable version but the web page was protected by a copyright device that I have never seen before which prevented cutting and pasting. It made some comment about needing the express written consent of the copyright owner and that “information on the Trap-Man downloaded may be used as reference material by the person to whom it was downloaded for their use only”. Yes, that’s me- I am the bloody customer and that’s what I am trying to do and you are making it difficult for me. You’d think I was trying to hack into the NASA web site! What is so top secret? Why can I prin! t it in an inefficient way but not in an efficient way? This is ridiculous. If no instructions are to be sent with the trap, you really ought to have a printer friendly version of the instructions on the web site. And tell people to print the instructions when they order rather than have to go back to the site at a later date (which might be quite impractical if there is no internet connection where the traps are being used).
7 Wondered why one trap had a convenient carrying handle to keep “your finger's out of harms way” (sic), whilst the other nconveniently, did not? could my fingers now be in harm’s way?
8 Not yet having caught my first rabbit, (and being totally new to this sort of thing) thought that some sort of advice about how best to open the device with rabbit inside might have been helpful. Perhaps it will not be a problem.
9 Four day later and it is still not a problem. No rabbit has yet ventured into the trap. I refreshed the carrot yesterday but that hasn’t tempted them. They sit on the lawn and laugh at me. Fortunately the cats are proving more effective and have brought me two dead ones! I will let you know when I get the first success! DS 24/6/2005 Visitors Name: Don Shore from: web page form

4/ 5/ Rabbit trap instructions are normally printed on the back of your invoice and sent as an attachment with your confirmation e mail or can be viewed on the relevant web page. The page you looked at was for the built up rabbit trap.....different setting instructions

Rabbit trap setting instruction have now been e mailed and your feedback will be acted upon

I'm only an e mail away OR click on the link Help With My Trap

The Trap Man

Thank you for your service i receved the fox trap yesterday 2 June i will let you know how i get on with getting the little B

Excellent delivery service, amazed that we ordered our trap after 8pm, got a confirmation email within minutes and the trap arrived before noon two days later. Just need the little beggar to oblige and we will be over the moon. Trap is so easy to set aswell not like things I've seen offered by our local council - they were as vicious as Arkwrights till in 'open all hours'. Ian H

Thank you for your exceptionally prompt and eficient service.
I had browsed your website thoroughly before placing my order and I was particularly impressed by the inclusion of a small number of dissatisfied customers on your feedback page. More than any other factor, this persuaded me that I should order the trap from your company, rather than one of yopur competitors. Your responses to these dissatisfied customers, coupled with the massive amount of extremely satisfied customers, indicated to me that your company was a reputable one.
The squirrel trap arrived the day after I had placed the order, just as you had promised. Since the infestation is in an utterly inaccessible part of my loft, I set it up the same evening at the closest possible location - which is about 10 feet away from the nest. Following your advice, I baited it with peanut butter, as well as a handful of dried cat food for added odour. Next evening, I had caught a very healthy, plump female squirrel. Never having seen an adult squirrel close-up before, I had not realised what attractive creatures they are - it is only a pity they do so much damage. I have now reset the trap, since I believe there are several more "just waiting their turn".
Although I noted from your feedback that your customers reported success within 24 hours, I was really rather dubious due to my particular circumstances. How pleased I am to have been wrong! I shall have no hesitation in recommending your company whenever appropriate and you are, of course, most welcome to use any part of this email as you may see fit. D B M W


Thanks very much the Traps arrived at 4pm 17-5-05, ruddy marvelous service thanks very much

Many thanks for your very prompt delivery of the trap. Within 24 hours of setting the trap baited with peanut butter I had caught one small / baby squirrel. After resetting the trap I came home from work a further 24 hours later to find an adult and two small squirrels caged within the trap.
Hopefully we can now get some sleep after removing the squirrel population from my loft.
Many thanks from a satisfied customer N H

Hi Mr Trapman,
Thank you for the trap, it arrived ok and my husband is very pleased with it

Hi Andy,
Just to let you know the multi-catch mouse traps and wind up mouse trap are still catching well. We're looking forward to the results we're going to get from the family catch rat traps and folding fox trap. Your service is second to none and trap build quality is excellent. can you let us know as soon as you have more wind up mouse traps available.
Buying from you again soon!
Mark Atkinson & Simon Shipley.
In My Sights Pest Control Shooting & Trapping Specialists (Surrey)

Fantastic service!! - Trap arrived very quickly as promised. An excellent quality product. Im a very happy customer!!
Highly recommended!!!!

Duly received rabbit trap yesterday – thanks for prompt and efficient service

Absolutely fantastic !!
The squirrel trap arrived the next working day after being ordered and within 3 days I had caught the pest !!!
Previously I'd bought untrasonic devices etc but to no avail ... This squirrel trap was fantastic .. after a few months of being driven mad by the noises in the loft, the damage to the soffits etc I have removed the culprit thanks to your wonderful human trap. It's extremely well made and without doubt is the best £30 I have spent in a long time .. as suggested, peanut butter was used as the bait along with a few nuts placed behind the treddle ... success ....... THANK YOU

Thank you for such a prompt service .. I received the trap earlier this morning and considering I didn't order it until Friday afternoon I'm amazed .. next working day is very impressive.
Kind Regards .. I hope it works as fast as your delivery was !!!

Trap order was received today - many thanks for the speedy delivery. Off squirrel hunting now !
H Prime


Many thanks for the amazingly quick delivery of a Multi-catch trap - 22 hours from filling in the order form to the postman knocking on the door. Unbeatable service !
Thanks again, J B

Hi Trap Man. Thanks for the very quick delivery of my mouse trap. Caught one later that night and it looked like a very healthy specimen and not in the least distressed by the experience. I was really happy and drove out to the countryside to give it a new home. However, when I opened the box, it managed to hide in the wee tunnel areas and totally refused to come out. Had to leave the trap there overnight and go back for it in the morning. Any hints on ways to lure them out as I am worried that I was freaking the poor wee soul out? Many thanks Su

Just thought I would mail you and let you know my trap was delivered this morning and it caught my first squirral within 30 minutes. 1 down 2 more to go!
Brilliant Thanks again C R

Brilliant. I caught a mouse within three hours of setting down the trap. Since then I've not had much luck. Is is better to keep moving it around or keep it in one place? And should I wash it in case it has picked up my scent? Also, the mice I am after are little dark-brown field (?) mice. Thanks for a great product. cheers jim

Give it a good clean and Move it to another place

thank you for your excellent service - trap arrived today as promised. Let's just hope we can now rid ourselves of some of the pesky things!

Hi, I've received this order in good condition today ( wed 16th Feb) at about 13:30. Thanks for a prompt, efficient service (obviously including City Link)
regards P A

Hello there,
You asked me to let you know how I got on with the squirrel trap I bought from you a few weeks back. Well we are now 3 squirrels the better. All have been caught with Snickers as bait. For the first week we didn’t get anything but as our loft is obviously dark we left the light on and shut the loft door. One day later squirrel no1, 3 days later squirrel no2. Nothing for a week then we caught one but left it for an hour. By the time we got up there to retrieve the cage it had managed to somehow escape. Must have been half in and half out. 2 days later squirrel no3. Very angry, running up and down the cage head butting the gate!!
All in all I would recommend your cages to anybody. Easily set, well made and most importantly they work! All the best and thanks for your help and advice, Regards, G D

Decoy owl. Order received ,very realistic almost too good to put in a tree ,missus wants it in the house but I cant stand the birds crapping on my new car !
many thanks J A

2 years ago I bought a trap cage from which you sent to France, subsequently it was taken to Malta to assist in the local (feral) cat neutering programe. They now need "cat catchers" (nets), do you sell those ? or do you know where I can purchase them ? or who might be able to help me to find them ? Thank you very much for your help

Hi Sorry we don't sell cat catching nets but fish landing nets work well or you can purchase bird proofing nets cut to your required length from fishing supply merchants
regards The Trap Man

Hi Trapman, I have 'something' in the loft, I can rule out bats and birds but not sure if it is mice or rats. I live on the outskirts of a large city with the countryside starting at the end of my garden. Last year I caught 6 - 7 Field Mice in my garage and loft area. Since then I have installed 'Pest Away' electronic units with no success it would appear. Whatever is in the loft wakes us up 3 or 4 times a night and if they are mice they are wearing clogs!! My question to you is there are shrews and there are field mice both are quite a difference in size. Do your mouse traps cater for all mice types and what trap would you recommend. In addition do the ultrasonic units work ?
Thanks for your time.
Yours truly, I L

Could be mice, more probably grey squirrel possibly rats or depending on the area you live, gliss gliss. Try a standard squirrel trap and a multi mouse trap Ultra sonic's only work for a short time, the animal's be it rat, mouse, squirrel or mole just gets used to the noise.
Regards The Trap Man


Thanks for the feral cat trap, it came within 48 hours and we managed to catch a mum and her 5 kittens, all of which have now been successfully rehomed.

An answer in less than half an hour on a Sunday afternoon !!!!
Incredible, wish there were more like you. Visitors Name: p p Feline Cat Rescue from: web page form

Hallo Trap man
I'm just sending you this quick e mail to thank you for your v quick service; the trap arrived as promised and before the Xmas break so I could get our resident squirrel used to it. After about a week, the squirrel trapped himself in it as his curiosity got the better of him. He doesn't live here anymore!
Thanks again. L J

Mr Forrest, Trap arrived OK.
Thank you. I am now waiting for the squirrels to oblige.
Many thanks for a first class service.


Hi there
I put the trap down and trapped my first Squirrel within 10 minutes. What an amazing piece of kit! D T

Hi Andrew
Peanut butter on bread seems to work really well and so I’ve not had to experiment with other foods. I have found that placing the food on the treadle does not always work as the squirrels appear capable of picking it up and running out without the trap shutting. Placing the food just behind the treadle works first time as the squirrel puts its paws on the treadle as it reaches for the food. Three squirrels in 3 days, there is now only one left in the locality but he now seems rather more cautious, perhaps he’s learnt something? I’m confident he will succumb. I’m not a fan of squirrels, nor do I necessarily wish them any harm but they are such a pest and capable of a lot of damage. They can climb 18’ up the pebbledash to roof level and then into the roof space. That was the point where I knew that I had to get rid of them.
Regards D T

Just to let you know we have had several mice sucessfully caught and released safely now that had been bought in by the cats! thanks D

Dear Andrew, caught one already, even with just one functional hole! This is great, we had other humane traps for weeks and never caught anything, I set your one up at 1am last night, and at 7.30am we already caught the mouse! It is now (the mouse I mean) in a pretty rural location. I will send the unit back when I get the replacment, thanks again! M

Trap arrived safely.
Already caught our first cake-loving rodent squatter !

Dear Andrew,
I have to tell you that in only 1-day after setting the traps, I have already “caught one mole”…thank you!! I just wonder if there could be anymore, do they usually go around in pairs, family groups or are they pretty lonesome animals? I will, of course, leave the traps set just in case.
Thanks again & I will recommend your traps to everyone.
Regards, G

Thanks Trap Man,
Within hours of setting the trap, I had caught the little blighter. I released him in the countryside and will be able to sleep well tonight. It's an excellent trap. I especially like the window so you can see what's in there, and the quick delivery.
Regards A B (a satisfied cutomer)

Fox Trap To Catch Runaway Springer.
Hello Andy,
Just a quick email to let you know your trap worked a treat and I followed your advice on setting it,and I also set the trap with the door downwind so she would follow the scent coming out of the entrance. Teasle is back home safe and sound and trap worked overnight in less than 11 hours.
Many thanks, Dave


I'd like to apologise for my scepticism. I really never expected them to work but after only two days I’ve eradicated my mole problem with scissor traps. They’re worth their weight in gold!
Visitors Name: Neil Smith

Many thanks for your prompt and efficient response to my recent order !
Last night, as a desperate interim measure, we put down a small plastic humane trap which we'd bought locally, duly baited with a dob of tuna and mayonnaise that my daughter had prepared earlier. Within a matter of minutes, on investigating what sounded to be my Jack Russell demolishing a rather crunchy treat, I discovered that she'd actually eaten the entire trap! I seriously doubt that your trap will meet a similar fortune, and look forward to it bearing fruit later tonight ...!!! [Hopefully it will attract all of our uninvited guests in one go - I know that we have at least 3 mice, and was feeling very reluctant to break up the family.]
Thanks again. Regards, P

Thanks for the trap. It arrived yesterday and duly caught the dog that has eluded us for 7 weeks within the hour. Brilliant bit of equipment! Val
Valerie Howells
Dog Warden
Southend on Sea Borough Council

YO! SALES TEAM!! DESPITE a fone call YESTERDAY (26th Aug) from the couriers, this trap I ordered has not yet appeared...despite a promise to deliver today (no time specified). Quote from your WIBBLY PAGE... Orders are processed the same day and are usually despatched the following working day Which means I should have had receipt of this trap LAST TUESDAY..AT THE LATEST!!!! PERHAPS you can live up to the HYPERBOLE that you advertise.. (PERHAPS NOT!!) SINCERELY PETE HARKER

I have been onto my Amtrak depot this morning who told me your trap was on the van for delivery today, they even told me the drivers name- Jake, but what they couldn't tell me was what the hold up was as I was given this information when I phoned on Tuesday. As I said on the phone, if you do not get your trap a full refund will be given. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Andrew Forrest

The Trap Man
The trap has now been delivered

Wow !!!
Thats an amazing turn around as I only placed my order yesterday morning!! Thanks for the super speedy delivery !!! Trap was at work for me when I turned in this morning. Will let you know how it goes !! What do you suggest for a good bait for feral cats ? sorry if these are included in the package, but I have not opened it yet.
Many Thanks
Dr. O T

Thank you so much for sending the trap so quickly. It only took about 2 minutes to trap our lost cat. Thank you very much for all your advise.
Regards L S

Got the trap OK thank you... I hope to be escorting the furry little b*stard off the premises shortly! :)
Regards, A

My order arrived this morning.
What an excellent service.
Thanks. S M

I have used three different traps over the years and yours is by far the best both in terms of how it operates and how it is made. Its a dream to use compared with the previous difficulties I have had with temperamental setting devices on other traps. I have now caught 11 squirrels in about 5 days! The detailed information leaflet you supply with the trap also contains very useful data which none of the other suppliers have provided.
Thank you for a very good product at a sensible price.
C B, Berkshire


Wish you were in the US because the use of decoys as scarers is a perfect solution for me. Will look for a US site that is your equivalent.
Great site. Thanks

We ship to the US

Thanks Andrew.
The Squirrel trap arrived today as promised - how efficient you are. All we need now is the squirrel ! to reappear !
Regards, B P

Dear Mr Forest
You did better than that…..the trap arrived on Saturday 12th. I have never ever had such prompt and efficient service, and please tell who you like.
Top dollar…bang on!
Kind regards K J

Thank you for the prompt filling of our order.
The traps arrived here today in great shape. All I need to do now is to entice the little buggers to visit their new traps.
Thanks again,
Tom Mix Sequim,
Washington, USA
The Cutting Garden in sunny Sequim your hosts, Tom and Catherine Mix
Phone 360-681-3099
FAX 360-681-4142

Hi Andrew
Recieved Multi Catch Mouse Trap today Thanks Very Much for your Speedy Service We will certainly be using you again.
From Mark ( In My Sights Ltd )

Many thanks arrived on Friday just 24 hrs after ordering. very impressed with your service.
Thank you B R

It arrived before 10am this morning. Less than 24 hours from order to delivery. Thanks. Regards,


Many thanks for the very quick delivery of my order. The large owl has been in position for only a couple of hours and the pigeons are keeping well away. Thank you G K

Thank you Andrew for such excellent service.- trap arrived and working well

Hi Andrew,
I just wanted to thank you for such prompt and excellent service. I stumbled across your website on the evening of 9th March and found exactly the trap I wanted. As I noticed from your site that you were going to be away from 10th-18th March, I thought that you would deal with my order on your return. So I was quite amazed and very impressed to receive the e-mail from you later that very evening (11.20 pm, it would seem), saying that the trap had already been despatched.
The trap arrived, as you predicted, on the Thursday morning and was set in place on the Saturday lunchtime. By mid-afternoon Saturday, our "unofficial lodger" was in the trap, surprisingly calm about the whole thing (he can't have been too panicky, as he took the time to eat the peanut butter!)
Thanks again

Andrew, I ordered 10 trap from you on Jan. 28th and received them when you promised. I just wanted to let you know that these traps have been VERY effective! I have trapped 6 moles in 3 weeks! I have not had a new dirt hill appear in my yard since I started using the traps.
Thanks for the great product ! -

Maybe you can pass this on to your customers....
We don't need a trap, but just thought we'd pass along a great tip we've discovered for trapping feral cats. Our neighborhood is just about overrun with these pests, and since using this method we have gotten one in the trap almost every night. I and my neighbors have discovered that squeezing the contents of a couple of fish oil capsules (from the vitamin aisle or health food store) on whatever food you are putting in the trap is absolutely irresistible to them. Poke or snip a hole in the end, then just squeeze the contents right out. You can leave the gelatin capsules in with the food also, since the cats will eat them right up.


Order received today as promised.
I would like to thank you for your excellent attention to my order and the very speedy delivery. I have already recommended your company to several friends. Many thanks. L E

Hi Andrew,
I have finally received my traps, they are very well built and strong.
Thank You very much and see you soon for other items.
Have a good day.
R R...... ITALY

Hi R......
Sorry for the protracted delay
Hope you have some luck with the traps
The Trap Man

Traps delivered as promised,
Thank you for a very good service.


Thank you for the delivery of the mouse trap, I just thought I would let you know that since receiving it (on exactly the day you said we would !) we have caught 8 mice, it is absolutely brilliant !! yesterday we caught 6 mice (in one day !!) both my husband and I didn't want to kill them and this devise is the complete answer, even I have taken them to a field and let them go!.
We both wanted to congratulate your company on an excellent product ,the reasonable price and the efficiency of your staff to send it out as quickly as you did,
WELL DONE from two very satisfied customers.


Hi Andrew,
This is the second time I order from you and the second time you impress me with a speedy response to my queries and fast delivery of my order. I am delighted to deal with you!. The repeater mouse live traps works very well and the wind up mouse traps haven't has the chance to show up what they are up to, yet . These are very efficient and safe tools for getting rid of mice without having to resort to dangerous poisons and chemicals.
Cheers A


Trap Man Squirrel Trap......... .......
Did exactly as it said on the tin!! Caught the little beggar in my loft 36 hours after setting trap (with peanut butter, crunchy type), and have now got rid of it and blocked up the hole to stop its mates getting in!.
Worth every penny - no more chewed light cables and loft beams!
Cheers P.

Congrats on 2 counts. It arrived the day after we ordered it and we have now caught 6 of the b's.
So we are very pleased.
Thank you S and S

Many thanks for your prompt attention and excellent service. I received my order this morning this was first class service at its best, you clearly run an excellent business.

Hi there
The trap is performing magnificently, and I am catching one mouse per day on average, though I am now starting to suspect that it is the same mouse coming back for more each time!!

I E-mailed you a couple of weeks ago from the county of Herefordshire regarding the mink. The advice you gave me has been a real asset in catching the little buggers so far I have caught 4 (or the same one 3 times) 3 of them escaped and the other didnt. The trap I have was from countrywide and is very flimsy. The mink has forced the trap the door forwards twice and since reinforcing it with wire it has pulled the door inwards once. These little fellas must be like ARNIE. I think next payday i will be ordering a mink trap from you as the one I have is clearly not strong enough to hold the mink overnight. Keep up the good work!! You will receive my order soon

Hi Trap Man
My live multi-catch mouse trap arrived today as promised, and just caught two mice within ten minutes of each other! One more to go to beat the number I evicted using just an empty nappy box. I'm pleased with the trap, and will let you know how things progress.

Just dropping you a line to let you know that I got that pesky mole on the first try with your Duffus traps, thank you for producing such a great product. I've noticed that the thumb gets a bit tender after setting a few traps, I have devised a simple tool to aid in setting and unsetting the traps with ease. How easy is the patent law over there? From what I've seen here in the states, it is quite frightening. Maybe we could work something out. Jim

Hi Andrew
You're working late too !! I hope it's cos you've been busy sending out lots of parcels!
I received the trap this morning, thank you. I'm absolutely amazed at the strength of it. I think if I stood on it I wouldn't even put a dent in it. You must have really strong squirrels 'up north'. I'm sure wire of that thickness would keep a dog in let alone a squirrel. It's a fantastic trap that will NEVER need replacing if I keep it 20 years - well done! Just a little question, would it keep a rat in or would they be able to get through the holes? Just sometimes you think you've got a squirrel and it's a rat, then what?
Thanks again Eddie

Hi Eddie
Yes it will catch rats, there're about the same size as a squirrel Hope to get your order for the replacement trap when I'm 61, speak to you then bye

The Trap Man

Email Address:
hi there, nice website. I am trying to catch a mink (the little critter attacked and injured one of our ducks). I have already purchased a mink trap like the one you make. I have tried to tempt him with chicken wings and cat food but no joy. I have the trap positioned next to the river by our property could you give me any further advice on how to catch him. I know there are lots of mink in the area as i have seen them. Also would it be illegal for me to kill the mink or should i release it in another area, from what i can gather they kill most living water animals and are classed as a pest.
Thanks for your help.
DH- Herefordshire

Place the front of the trap just under the water, cover the trap except for the end on the bank. Bait with mackerel. In the UK it is illegal to release mink into the wild. What size is the trap that you purchased and who did you buy it from ?

The Trap Man

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the cracking advice, we landed our first mink this morning on half a mackeral. I bought the trap from countrywide (used to be MSF), I am unsure of the size they only do the one trap for the mink.
Anyway thanks again, cracking site by the way !
Happy Hunting

Hi Andrew,
Just wanted to let you know that I received my traps yesterday. They are exactly what I wanted.
Thank you,


Dear Andrew Forrest,
The trap I received from you recently certainly works: two squirrels caught in the first three days. The first one left like a rocket as soon as the door was opened. However, on the second occasion it poured with rain during a two hour absence and I returned to find a totally saturated, twitching but otherwise all but dead squirrel in the trap! Drying out a wet squirrel takes quite a while I found and even then it merely gripped the wire mesh by the door with claws and teeth and prevented me opening it and releasing the animal elsewhere. I am now roofing the trap with a sheet of glass whenever there is a chance of rain. I also see an advantage in a trap with a door at each end. As for the squirrel, it returned with me to the comfort of central heating, where it slept continuously in the trap for over 36 hours, oblivious to noise and lights going on and off. A sharp jolt at midday today on the way to my car and it awoke, instantly full of life, leaving the trap at high speed for pastures new before the door was more than half open. Incidentally, I could do with a bit more leverage when opening the door from the outside and keeping well clear of the exit.
So, two down and about a hundred to go!


Hi G
Thanks for the update Use your right toe or a stout piece of wood to push on the leaver that releases the door, use your left foot on top of the cage to steady the trap, try not to wear flared trousers .....!
Regards The Trap Man

I wasn't in when Amtrak delivered, however I went to their depot this evening (thurs) to pick it up. They eventually found it - thanks for checking, you are better than Amazon! There weren't any instructions with the trap - is that normal?
Cheers, C

We normally e mail over the link to our setting instructions
The Trap Man


Hi, Q: When is a Humane trap not humane?
A: When you store it closed on your shed floor
Hi, We bought a small rodent trap in Summer and were delighted when it helped us to catch our visiting shrew safely and painlessly so that we were able to release it into the wild. Unthinkingly, we then left the trap in our garden shed. We have just had the shocking experience of discovering (because of the smell) that we had unwittingly captured a whole family of shrews which had then starved to death in the trap. We are mortified that we have caused distress to these lovely little animals. We read the instructions for our trap carefully, noting that we should not leave it unattended for more than 24 hours. Would it be possible for you on the next printing to also add a warning re. storage, e.g. PLEASE STORE TRAP OPEN WHEN NOT IN USE. ? W are not blaming you - obviously this was our fault - but it's quite possible that there are other equally thoughtless people around! Yours sincerely L F

Hi L
Did you follow the instruction on the web page or the paper sticker that you found in the trap ? Some traps do come with a small instruction label inside (for the US market) I do try to remove every one but on this occasion it looks like I've missed it I will from now on place a sticker on each trap stating TURN THE TRAP OVER WHEN NOT IN USE Thanks for bringing this to my attention
The Trap Man

I bought a Larsen trap from you a few months ago and report a recent success. Just to let you know that in 2 weeks following the introduction of a foreign decoy magpie, we caught 21. A cheap supply of bacon bits were also used as bait, both on top of the trap and on the pegs holding open the catching traps. Thought you might like to know that the trap is working well. A suggestion for peventing corrosion of the metalwork from droppings. Would a thin wooden floor, especially in the decoy pen, catch them and make them more easily disposable?

Hi B H
Thanks for your feedback I'm glad to hear the larsen trap is working, with reference to the magpie dropping's corroding the galvanised base, as a temporary solution I think a plywood floor would help. We are now investigating the possible use of plastic coated mesh on the larsen trap floor, this would stop the problem. Magpie droppings are very strong and have a corrosive effect on the galvanised mesh somewhat similar to hydracloric acid.
The Trap Man

Traps delivered as promised.
Traps baited and deployed.
Waiting for results.
Many thanks, Cheers, J

Hi Andrew
Thanks for processing my order for two squirrel traps so promptly. They arrived on Wednesday 1st Oct as promised. Within half an hour of setting them up in my garden I'd caught my first squirrel and I've subsequently had another eight! The traps are simple to use, well-designed and made, species specific (to a certain extent) and, most importantly, very effective. The traps have also lured a couple of hedgehogs which get caught practically every night! I didn't even know we had hedgehogs in our garden until the last couple of weeks. I've also had a jay. Regards, B P

Hi Bill
Thanks for the feedback
If you prop up the gate end of the trap on a brick it should stop hedgehogs getting in
The Trap Man

Email Address:
I second JL's adverse comments about those traps branded "Big Cheese". We bought a couple of Big Cheese mole traps, set and laid them as instructed (in normal garden earth). Within a week, the springs had broken on both traps without catching one mole. The extent to which the metal had corroded in such a short space of time was astonishing. Stick with The Trap Man type Duffus traps!
Visitors Name: MM from: The Trap Man web page feedback form

Facing up to tricky problem of the grey squirrel invasion
Mar 19 2002 Homemaker, The Journal


Hi Andrew! Thanks very much for your quick despatch! We did receive the rat trap in good order. It even said on the envelop 'if not home deliver to number 6' Amtrak left the parcel at our gate though, bit scary but it worked anyway! Thought you might want to know though :-)
Have a nice weekend!
Regards T

Hi T
Glad to hear the trap has finally arrived, hope it works for you I'm not entirely sure that it was delivered by Amtrak as some Scottish parcels are "farmed out" to independents, who are a bit more caviller in their parcel deliveries, I could be wrong though, Happy trappin'
The Trap Man

I just thought I would drop you a line to say how efficient my humane mouse trap is. I have only had it a couple of days and caught 2 mice from my wife's bathroom (I do miss the shriek and bare bum disappearing down the corridor!). It works wonderfully well and the mouse is unharmed and released in pastures new. Just the job!

Hi Andrew,
trap received to-day, thanks for efficient service.

THanks for your help todate. Traps arrived this AM - thanks for the very quick response to my order. As you know there is a bit of a technique involved in arming the traps. Do you have any instructions on best way to do this?
Hope your "holiday" went well.

It's a Result!!!!
Cute shrew (aaaah!) humanely trapped and taken on a very long journey away from our dog food.
L & R and Murray-the-dog

Well what can I say. We thought we had a mouse under the kitchen cupboards. Didn't want to poision looked on the net for a trap. And came up with you... we ordered on Saturday..the trap was here on Monday.. and within 2 hours it had caught 2 mice !!! And now 5 hours later we are up to 7 from the garage as well !! I think it is a superb trap... very humane .. and for bait ? a mars bar worked wonders !!! Would HIGHLY recomend you .
C. J


Just to confirm safe receipt of the Multi Mouse Trap and to report that so far 13 mice have been captured and safely released over the last three days.
Regards, K H


Hi Andrew
Received my squirrel trap on thurs as promised -- I'm impressed with your service, you're really "on the ball" Exellent!
I'll be happy to recommend.


The 5 duffus traps are arrived this morning;
Thank you very much
Regards Y J

I have caught 12 moles this year with these traps, but they were not mine, they were to a young english boy who lives near home and who told me he had bought the traps in England. That is why I have searched on the net because in France , we don't know this fantastic trap. But i'm afraid I won't able to use my traps before next spring because I think there are no more moles in my garden !!!!
Regards Y


They arrived today, great fast service, thanks


Hi, Thanks for the quick delivery of the squirrel trap.
I've just had my first catch at the second attempt after a little WD40 and setting the bar to really only just holding up the door. I have noticed that the captured squirrel has a badly bruised area just above his nose, even some minor bleeding from it, from its attempts to break out by repeatedly poking his nose through the square gaps in wires. I suppose it's not a design fault as such since it's his own decision to behave in such a way despite the (presumed) pain he's feeling.
But I thought I'd bring that to your attention should you be thinking about Squirrel Trap MkII. Just like to say I don't hate the squirrel despite what it's done to my loft. He just doing what is in his nature, and I suppose to some extent I am too.



Dear Trap Man
RE : NOT Many People Phone
These are the type MICE above your multi catcher caught three in one day ! Parcel came , popped it in the garage at 11.00am by 3pm all mice were caught . I have sent this Email to thank you for your service and well made product that works !! Well Done . Tel #### ### #### Your web site was very Helpful easy to use . Regards P S, Cheshire

Many thanks P S, for your telephone call and follow up e mail
We do appreciate feedback from valued customers
The Trap Man


Andrew caught my mouse 20 mins after I put the new windup catcher. He's a bright mouse. I had both down in the kitech by his hole ... turned the light out went into the study for 20 mins to do mail and then I heard bang and he was caught. He is also a brave mouse ... :-)
Anyway, thanks for the traps, I'll pay the money now. I took the mouse about six miles away .. that should be ok for him not to make his way back shouldn't it? Next step is to find the hole under the sink and trace it / block it off. I need to ensure they do not get into the cavity walls.....
Squirrel Trap arrived Tuesday as promised.
First squirrel captured Thursday night and another Friday morning.
Safe secure trap.
I'm impressed !
Other Details: Just found your site - wish I'd had it three years ago - as the little grey beggars must have eaten £300 pounds worth of crocuses. Just a reminder to AH and A that they are commiting an offence if they release grey squirrels - it's against the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (I think). You're meant to get a licence (1) and humanely dispose of them [run into a bag and sharp blow to head - or shoot if you have a suitable trained and licenced individual].(2)


you sent to me in Manchester a new multi catch feral pigeon trap - with a funnel type entrance seems to work Ok.

Thanks for the mole traps which did as you predicted arrive today. I found your web site first class, and also your service.
I would not hesitate to recommend it.


Dear Andrew
Thank you very much for sending the mouse trap I ordered so quickly. It did arrive on wednesday as you said and will hopefully help me to evacuate some mice! Regards K G


just to say,
great site, looks good, navigation good!!! expect to buy a crayfish trap from you next week once i've got enough money!
look forward to doing the deal with you!
c ya

Re Duffus Mole Traps
Dear Sir,
Thankyou for your swift delivery of my two mole traps. Arrived at 12.30 local time, in the ground by 13.30, two moles caught by 17.30. Thats what we call a result!! Still more to catch, but at least we now have the ammunition to do the job.
Thanks once again,


I took delivery of my Squirrel Trap about 2 weeks ago. After setting up the trap close to where they frequent and baiting with a snikers bar I waited for about tree days before anything happened. The one morning I saw two squirrels close by. The first one went into the trap and sat on the release flap to eat the snikers, then the second entered and had fight inside the trap without it springing shut. When I looked at the mechanism it was snagging on the side of the cage and in the 3 or 4 days that it was outside, rust had started to appear on the arm of the spring mechanism, I sprayed the mechanism with wd40 and reset.
Next morning - yippee, 1 squirrel, then again this morning another. I have about 20 to go.
regards B K H.

A belated thank you for top class, quality service! I lent my original Duffus traps to a friend in Worcestershire and he liked them so much he asked me if he could keep them! I went to Central Wool Growers to replace them but CWG appear to be changing from an agricultural merchant to a retail outlet.
The traps they now stock are individually boxed under a label called "Big Cheese" or something similar. The price was cheap but the quality was rubbish - made in China I suspect!
Hence in a fit of peak I did a Google search and found your website - one of the best I have ever used - well done!
On Tuesday morning I was walking to the end of the drive to put out a temporary sign as ours is being signwritten when the courier pulled up!
I'll pass on the word about your company to friends.
Thank you again.
Kind regards

Thank you for your response.
When I was entering the order and payment details the page was not secure (not https nor showing the padlock). when I submitted the order the https and padlock appeared. Thus making my comment at the time of entering triggered the response from myself. As you say the transaction was thus secure - however given that it was not clear during the order process you may be loosing some on line sales.
The squirrel trap was duly received and the offending rat with a fluffy tail was captured at 2.30 am that very evening/morning. I had spent many hours over the previous weeks making my own traps- each caught the squirrel but every time it managed to claw its way out before I could get to it!
Many thanks,

Just a note to say how very pleased I was with your very efficient service.
Many thanks
Nl B


Just to let you know I caught the little b*gger!
The lady form pest control was wrong, It was in fact a rat. However your trap (squirrel trap) worked admirably and I had one annoyed (though live) rat.


Liked the web site, we are looking to buy a live animal trap to catch rabbits.
Loved the 'stomping stoats' 'rapping rats' 'mimicing mice' etc
Visitors Name: r m

Comments -
I found it quite difficult to locate the online ordering facility - came into the site via the mousetrap page.,I'm sure quite a few people would be put off ordering by post or telephone and would find alternative sites. ,Happy to give suggestions to improve the usability and navigation of the site...


Hi Andrew,
Many thanks for your help,
Andrew. I will buy from you online next time, Your web site is excellent and I will be recommending it to others including my farmer son and friends in the farming community. You helped me to realise that my purchase in Gloucester had been tampered with to the extent that the galvanised rod had been reversed to hook onto the eye on top of cage with plier marks to prove it. No wonder I had problems......and the rats got a (hopefully short) reprieve
kind regards B


this site is amazing keep it up
Visitors Name: d b

My squirrel trap arrived safely and on day 2. I have already caught my first squirrel and driven him 5 miles down the road to a new location! Not a happy "bunny" but at least he/she lived. What did surprise me was the amount of pressure the squirrel had to use to trigger the trap. I watched it sit on the trigger flap eating peanuts and nothing happened. It went in and out several times quite happily. 10 minutes later I looked again and it was trapped - puzzling.

Regarding the treadle pressure.
Please check that the treadle does move freely, by grasping the setting rod attached to the treadle and pulling it back and forth a few times (10) If it is free moving with no resistance, check the spring pressure is not too great by setting the trap and pressing down on the treadle with a pencil or small stick, If it proves to be very hard to set the trap off, The spring can be moved (unhooked, using suitable pliers) to a lower horizontal bar on the cage side to lessen the spring pressure for smaller, lighter squirrels. It can also be removed altogether, the trap will still work but not if the trap is used in the vertical position. You should have a better catch rate with the setting bar just holding the door on a fine setting approx. 1mm through the base of the door
The Trap Man


Thanks Andrew
I have tinkered with the settings and a second squirrel was trapped soon after - he/she also went on a drive. Normally I have 5 squirrels causing havoc in my small garden - at this rate I'll be clear by the weekend - and then just wait for the next lot to move in to the vacant territory.



Just wanted to say thanks for excellent service - the mouse traps requested on Sunday arrived on Tuesday morning, we caught a (very cute!) field mouse Wednesday night/Thursday morning, and released it into appropriate countryside Thursday lunchtime. No doubt it has friends and relatives, so we expect to continue to use from the traps in the future.
Thanks again

RE. Humane mouse traps


Hi Andrew-
Thanks for that- actually got it working last night and used small piece of Mars Snickers bar as bait- highly recommended as its is cheaper and cleaner to use than peanut butter- mice loved it!
Caught three overnight and have just released them in woods a mile or so away. Very good trap!

No common or garden presents
By Robin Lane Fox Published: December 6 2002 20:20


Success -
89 mice later hopefully I am now mouse free.
Only five dead.
Definitely recommend the wind-up trap
Many thanks

Hi Andrew
The multi-trap wasn't so popular with our mice - we probably only caught 8 of the 89 in that one. We are tackling the shed next - will let you know how we get on

Dear Sirs
Thank you very much for the prompt despatch of the multi-catch live mousetrap received last week. It has proven to be extremely successful - by far the best trap I have ever bought. I posted the cheque to you the middle of last week and hopefully you should have received the same. The amount being £21.68. Please let me know if you have not received it as it was sent first class.
Once again many thanks for the excellent service.
Kind regards


We had two male pheasants coming into our garden and damaging the plants. I wanted to catch them and transport them a few miles away. I baited the trap with bread and secured the door open with a stick. The pheasants seemed happy to enter the trap, eat the bread and escape. However when I left the door down they seemed reluctant to push it open and eventually gave up. Perhaps I was too impatient and eventually they would have gone inside. What I did however was position the baited trap just outside our back door with the door held open with the stick. When the pheasant entered the cage I quickly opened the door and pulled out the stick, trapping the pheasant in the cage. I have caught and disposed of both pheasants this way. So the trap has done its job, albeit perhaps not quite in the way designed. Regards B

Hi Trap Man
Thanks for the spare springs. I have had a fair degree of success with the trap since getting it from you. I bait it by putting some peanut butter in a small, cut down yoghurt carton, and then put the trap inside a black bin liner or sack, letting it overhang at the entrance of the trap. This makes it more appealing to the inquisitive squrirel and less so for the similarly inquisitive robins which kept stealing the bait. At least now the squirrels have stopped eating their way through my wheelie bin. It was so bad that the whole bin lid had numerous large holes in it and they were getting into the refuse. I eventually had to get the council to give me a new bin, which so far remains uneaten.
If I need a further requirement for any form of trap, I'll be in touch.
Thanks again for your help, B

Dear Sirs, This complaint is in reference to invoice no ### P.O. Number = #########. I have just recieved one of your live catch fox traps today and I have to say it really does not impress me. The trap has cost £70.00 (£85 with delivery) and I do not feel that the quality and build of this trap reflects this price. The only peice of the trap I feel is of the right quality is the trap door end. The rest of the trap has no reinforcement to the wire, it is just sheets of weldmesh. These sheets of weldmesh are expected to be held together with plastic cable ties!! These are wholly inadequate for this type of trap, I at least expected some bolts to hold it together. A fox would have no problem in destroying the plastic ties. Additionally the plastic ties offer very little structural support to! the cage/trap. Accordingly I would hope that you would be able to offer me a full refund. Thankyou for your attention with this problem. Yours Truly
Richard Parr

Hi Richard I'm sorry that our flat packed fox trap has not impressed you. I will be happy to collect the trap and give you a full refund of the purchase price Please package up the trap with the ties and protect the edges with packing material. I will have it collected on a mutually convenient weekday via City Link. I will telephone you tomorrow, Friday to confirm the collection day. I would be happy to send out a fully built up cage version to the same design if you wish ( the door end needs attaching) Regards Andrew

Hi Andrew,
just to say thanks for the prompt delivery of my squirrel trap and to confirm that a payment of £29.48 has been made tonight
- via my on-line banking
- to the account
Best Regards T

Thank you very much for the squirrel trap and gauntlets(!) that arrived yesterday.
The cheque for £36.34 is in the post.
Let's hope we can catch him and stop him doing anymore damage in our loft !!

Hi Andrew,
They arrived safely yesterday, and I have already caught my first mole! Yippee!
The cheque is on its way
Kind regards

Hi Andrew
I sent out two price enquiries one with yourselves and one with Albion Manufacturing. (Albi Traps)
Result I had bought from you and posted my cheque to you and a day had elapsed when I received thier reply.
Today at midday your trap arrived. I hope you have received my cheque.
Your service is excellent, and I eagerly await my first feral cat.
Many thanks

Mollusc Mayhem : Article in The Scotsman Sat 29th June 2002

‘What you need," said Carole Bainbridge "is a beer trap." Having fallen victim to more than one beer trap in the past (especially that notorious trap that opens its deadly jaws with the words "Let’s just nip in for one"), this prescription was unusual. However, the general rule around my garden is that whatever Carole Bainbridge suggests or commands is likely to be a good thing. A beer trap, therefore, is what I got. Carole, the designer from Greenscene who has been working with me for more than a year, had been nosing round my gardens checking on their progress. Everything that I have planted in the past year has, amazingly, survived and almost everything has thrived. The wisteria at my back door is looking a little droopy but it is probably fed up with getting drenched with rain. One of the damson trees in my orchard looked as if it was heading for the hospice, but it was probably suffering from having been planted in January when it was still asleep and it has now come to life again. My only losses have been among the lamium maculatum, the White Nancy I planted in my herb garden. Two of them have been nibbled into withered stumps by slugs. Spotting this, Carole made her pronouncement about the beer trap. "Fill a small tin with beer and set it into the soil near the plants," she said. "The slugs crawl in and drown. At least they’ll die happy." Being a devout sucker for gadgets and gizmos of all and any kind, I felt sure that something more polished could be found for the purpose than a rusty tin. So I went trawling on the internet and, sure enough, at I found a manufacturer of beer traps for slugs and snails. The SlugX gadget - in a fetching dark green - consists of a thick plastic tray of shallow wells and a lid. The instructions tell you to place the contraption on the ground where the slugs have been doing their worst, pour beer in the wells, close the lid and leave for the night. Reading this and the invoice for £14.24, I felt certain that I had been had yet again and cursed myself for not settling for an old tin out of the garage. But I did what the instructions told me to do and left the SlugX for the night beside the one remaining White Nancy. And lo, next morning, when I lifted the lid, the wells were full of fat, curly bodies - a disgusting sight but a moment for jubilant celebration. The contents are going straight into my compost bin. Could anything be more satisfying?

I recently bought a Humane squirrel trap from yourselves and I am writing to say that I think it is a great product. We have caught 7 squirrels in our Garden within 2 weeks. The trap has performed great and it was well worth the money.
Thanks again

Your service is excellent and very trusting of your clientele. I have dispatched a cheque today in return for the trap that was delivered today.
Many thanks

Dear Andrew
The trap arrived this morning (Tuesday) about 9.30 what an excellent service you offer as i only ordered this on Sunday afternoon, I have already posted my cheque to you with a covering letter I hope the Post office can deliver this to you in as prompt a manner.
Thanks again for a super service.
Best regards G H

Your duffus trap was successful on the second attempt.
On day 1 the trap was not set quite low enough so the mole went under the loop I think but day 2 got it.

I thought you would like to know the success of your trap which has now caught 16 squirrels! I have gained tremendous respect for the ingenuity and persistence of the grey squirrel. For instance one had the intelligence to turn the trap over so that the nuts used as bait dropped out and he could eat with impunity. Another crept into the cage and gently lift the nuts off the saucer holding the bait without triggering off the door closure.
I have developed some rules which might help your other customers
1. Observe closely the site to lay the trap which should be close to the observed runs of the animals.
2. Use a suitable bait. here monkey nuts were best.
3. Put a few "tasters" of nuts is easy reach of the animals so they become used to eating safely.
4. Stick firmly with plasticine a small item like a jam top to the trigger plate at the back plate so that a clever squirrel cant push it off without setting the trigger off. (I have seen one do this and have a free meal).
5. Put bricks on top ot the trap so that it cannot be overturned by Mr Squirrel)
6. Here squirrels seem to be in pairs so always continue after one is caught for the second.
kind regards
I B alias Davy Crockett

I recieved the trap today and the cheque should have got into the post today as well.
Thanks for an excellent service it is much appreciated.


Mouse trap arrived safe & sound.
Thanks very much for a great service.
Cheque posted today.
Cheers R R

This is just to confirm that my Multi-mouse trap order has arrived. Any suggestions for the most enticing bait would be appreciated.
Many thanks for an excellent service.

Thanks for the prompt delivery, I have posted your cheque today via first class mail. I would highly recommend the wind up mouse trap to anyone, as it caught its first mouse within 45 mins of me unpacking it!
Great, and Humane product!
Thanks again!

Trap received safely this morning and have set it up in the dog food cupboard. First I realised we had such a problem was when I took out a new 1.5k bag of dog food only to find one little hole and completely empty. Only hope they will fit in the trap as we must have the fattest mice ever.
Many thanks for being so quick
Will let you know how many we catch!
Thanks again S.

Hi Andrew,
Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service.
Goods just received. 19th Feb ( ordered 16:49 17/02/2002 despatched 18/02/2002 )
Cheque is in the post (1st class)
After a few moments of head scratching I have managed to set the trap
OK. Regards, W S.

Thank you for prompt delivery of wind up mouse trap.
Received today 7.2.2002. ( ordered 5/02/2002 despatched 5/02/2002 )
Will send cheque today.
Thank you again, D D.

From: Catus Portugal
Sent: 06 February 2002 01:52
Subject: Re: cat traps
Hello It's a very important day. The traps finally arrived safe and the delivery was succeeded. We tried them today and caught the first 3 feral cats. Really they are very easy to use but if they had a metal to protect the handler from animals while transporting it will be better.
Regards P A

Traps arrived today - Thank you !
If they are as efficient as your ordering/delivery service I will be happy indeed !!
LJC Landscapes

Hi I came up yesterday Wed the 10th to swap a trap you sold me for another trap.
Well it worked the very first night the Bait I used was a Jam Butty ha ha, seriously.
Thanks again I’ll keep using it again see if I can get any more.
But if any one wants any traps I’ll definitely recommend you.
Thanks again here’s a couple of pics

Hi Andrew caught another one last night even bigger same bait bread with some jam on it ( jam butty ).
Sorry no pics wife drowned it before I got up
I have no problem with you using the photos or email on your website and you can hyperlink the email address.
No problems I will happily recommend your traps to anyone.
Thanks again.



From: Stephanie Bolton
Sent: 17 November 2001 15:16
Subject: tip traps
Thankyou for sending two traps which arrived on Wednesday morning (14th Nov. ) I caught two mice in 24 hours.
Stephanie Bolton


Thanks for the trap, 3 down, works fantastically,
see attached,
I no we're a bit sad!
D. thurmer


Hi Andrew

Thank you very much for your email and agreeing to send me a new release cable for my squirrel trap. It has been extremely successful and so far I have caught six squirrels and the count is rising every day! we are pleased with its operation although we feel in our garden it has to be well camouflaged otherwise they seem to avoid it.The bait that has been most successful is monkeynuts ie the nuts with the white shell rather than the peanuts. A random study of squirrel psychology indicates that they prefer these. I must say that they are most intelligent animals and learn quickly. They have caused havoc in our garden and we are glad to be getting rid of them.

kind regards Ian

Hi Andrew, Thank you very much for sending a new release cable for our squirrel trap. I will let you know of any unusual developments and when we reach double figures of squirrels caught. You are welcome to use any information I have given you in your marketing.
kind regards I B

Thanks for e-mail.
Trap received safely, just the design I wanted. I had one at school about 40 years ago when I was in charge of the mammal house and I caught rats en masse, up to five at a time. I have your invoice and will send you a cheque shortly. With thanks for your prompt and efficient service
Regards A P

Hello! Received your parcel today. Nothing like walking through the office carrying a rat trap to start a conversation! I have posted my cheque.
Many thanks, and Happy Christmas!
P H.

Just a note to thank again for the two mole traps sent this week. After two years of frustration and trying every old wives tale under the sun, I am celebrating my first catch. Duffus 1, Scissors 0. Will spread news of the effectiveness of the Duffus trap and your contact details to similarly afflicted friends down here.

I am pleased to inform you, the above order has arrived today 11/1/02 many thanks for your prompt service. I will send a cheque in tomorrows post (first class)