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The Trap Man, Monarch Rat Trap Multi catch Repeating Live Catch Humane Rat Trap, Our Snappy wooden Rat Trap, Family Multi Catch Humane Rat Trap, run through rat trap and the Self Set Rat Trap

Rat Trap Multi catch Repeating Live Catch Humane Rat Trap, Our Snappy Wooden Rat Trap and Family Multi Catch Humane Rat Trap
How to catch a rat with a humane rat trap from Trap Proven to be an effective solution to rat infestation's, unlike poisoning you know how many rats have been caught. The rats don't crawl off to die in agony. Dead rats that have been poisoned are still a problem, as they decompose rats stink, other animals feed on the poisoned rats, this predation can kill or seriously harm predators such as foxes, birds of prey, dogs, cats and the like. Rats are a nuisance because they can eat and foul our food, damage homes by chewing through electrical wire insulation, wooded floor boards and even plastic waste pipes. Rats can also create illness because their feces can cause food poisoning. Rats can also carry fleas and mites. In addition, they can carry leptospirosis, which can lead to liver failure, and hantavirus, which can cause respiratory illness. The common rat (Rattus norvegicus), also known as the brown rat or sewer rat, is the most abundant and widespread species and is found throughout the United Kingdom. All that a rat needs to thrive is shelter, food and water. The adult rat may weigh from 100 to 500 grams (3 to 18 ounces). Rats are about 240 mm long (9 inches) excluding the tail. Rats have brown fur on their back and grey fur underneath. Rats have a tail which is shorter than its head and body.

family rat trap

Modern Live capture 14" Family Rat Trap

Rats need shelter, food and water to survive. Rats are efficient burrowers and favour compost heaps and the ground underneath hedges and sheds, where they will dig shallow burrows and form nests with dry grass and leaves. In houses rats will nest in wall cavities and beneath floor boards. Rats are good climbers and can climb vertical brick walls. Rats are good swimmers and are at home in sewers where they have food, water and shelter. The front teeth of rats grow continuously and to keep the teeth to a useful length the rat needs to gnaw on hard objects all the time. Such objects can include lead water pipes, brickwork, electric cables, wood and anything else available. Rats are usually active at night but may also be active in daytime. Rats usually have well worn runs between their living area and their source of food and water. The life expectancy of a rat is around one year, during which time a female rat will typically breed five times with an average litter of 8. Female rats will have their first litter at the age of 4 months.

monarch rat trap

Traditional "Monarch" Live Capture Rat trap
This trap features a tapering tunnel entrance with a secondary holding cage with door to remove captive rats, Capable of catching whole families of rats at a time. No setting required just bait the trap

Rats are a major hazard to health. Rats spread many forms of disease, especially through their droppings and urine. Some of these diseases can be fatal to man, such as leptospirosis, although the incidence of such diseases is rare. They may eat food which is intended for human consumption and they often damage much more which has to be discarded. Through their gnawing habit they can cause considerable structural damage to woodwork, water pipes, electric cables etc..

Large Multi catch rat trap

multi catch rat trap

Multi catch rat trap for areas of large rat infestations,


No baiting required with our run through rat trap, just set the rat trap along a wall, check on it regularly and at least twice a day.

run through squirrel trap

Double entry run thru rat trap

This trap man run through trap requires no baiting, the run through design relies on the rat, to enter the tunnel trap during its normal hunt for food. The rat simply steps onto the central treadle plate that triggers both doors to spring shut.

EasySet rat trap pack of 3


Single catch rat trap


single catch rat trap


bait hook with fish or bacon

requires 5" above the trap to clear the setting bar

Economy rat trap

economy rat trap

Rat cage trap simple spring loaded door with locking bar 18"x6"x6" with 3/4" holes


Two simple design kill type traps that dispatches rats quickly with a strong spring action bar.the snappy rat trap and the all metal selfset rat trap
Cheap and effective on small infestations. best placed at right angle to wall or upstand in two's at 6ft spacings along the rats path, use some type of trap cover to prevent other non target animals from being hurt (This is the Law)

snappy rat trapsnappy rat trap

No longer available

self set rat trapselfset rat trap

no longer available

Simple design kill type traps that dispatches rats quickly with a strong spring action bar.
Cheap and effective on small infestations. best placed at right angle to wall or upstand in two's at 6ft spacings along the rats path, use some type of trap cover to prevent other non target animals from being hurt (This is the Law)

Signs to look out for are damage caused by gnawing, holes, smears and droppings. Packaging will often show tooth marks, the size of which will indicate whether it is a rat or a mouse. Holes made by the rats in doors and walls, and the entrances to nests, are about 80mm ( 3 inches) in diameter, and nests may be made in wall and floor cavities. Having established the best route from one place to another, rats tend to use this route frequently. This run becomes soiled with the grease and other dirt on the rat's fur and will be very apparent in even moderate infestations. Foot prints are sometimes apparent on soft or dusty surfaces. The amount of rat droppings present is a good indication of the size of the infestation and how long they have been there. Control Removal of food, water and harborage will deny rats their three main requirements for survival. The infestation should be controlled by trapping. To be effective, traps need to be efficiently managed and should not be accessible to other animals or humans, and extra care is needed if there are children in the house. It is essential that all other food sources are removed in order to force the rats into take the bait.

Repair of damage caused by rats may be required, and proofing of the premises from further access to the property is essential. Capping open drains, filling holes with cement or similar, placing rat proof netting round the base of wooden out buildings, sheds etc.

Rats are smart !.
.......Rats don't want to be caught
................Rats won't go for the bait on the trap unless there is

.........................No other food available.

When handling dead rats, use precautions to avoid the possibility of disease transmission Use rubber gloves. Apply household disinfectants at recommended concentrations to dead rodents, rodent droppings, nest and surrounding area, and allow for at least 15 minutes contact time before removal. Clean the area with paper towels or a mop. Double bag the disinfectant-soaked rodent and cleanup materials securely in plastic bats and tie up the tops. Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water and dispose of gloves.


Rapping RatsRapping RatsRapping Rats