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This is a brilliant brand new design folding larsen trap / crow trap combination, it has either double side entry for crows or double top entry for magpies. Half the trap is used for the call bird and the rest is divided into two catching cages. Now available with cammo finish (extra cost option) to blend into the countryside

Larsen trap top entry

Change over from the magpie trap to the crow trap is a simple operation taking no longer that two minutes.

Larsen trap side entry

The trap folds down flat and comes complete with two decoy perches and a set of split perches, simple to understand instructions and a 24/7 email help for as long as you own the trap (quote your invoice number) This larsen trap design addresses all the previous problems associated with the larsen trap i.e. storage, transporting, longevity. Made from inch square 12gauge welded mesh, this larsen trap is no lightweight that rusts away in the first year of use it will last for many years, now available with a cammo finish (extra cost option) will last even longer.

Folded larsen corvid trap

This larsen crow trap can also be used as a multi catch larsen trap without a call bird decoy as used on the continent.

Two larsen corvid traps can be used back to back utilizing one decoy bird in the decoy compartment and 4 top entry capture cages plus an additional two side entry capture cages thus giving a true multi catch larsen trap with similar catching potential as a multi catch crow ladder trap.

Two larsen corvid traps back to back making a true multi catch larsen trap four top entry and two side entry with decoy compartment

Setting up is simple place the larsen / corvid trap on the ground with the sprung catching doors at the top, unclip the two ties, grip the two top panel handles at each side and gently lift the trap up to its full size of 18" x 30" x 30", give it a good shake to engage the panels, fit the plastic ties (supplied) to all the abutted panels and finally fit the decoy perch under the rain shade and the other perch opposite it so the call bird decoy crow or magpie will hop between the perches, this will attract other birds to your cage.

That's it !, set the spring operated doors with the split perches....your ready to catch......less than five mins from receiving the trap......your ready to catch your first magpie or crow.

Product: Larsen Trap / Crow Trap combination trap
Product Code: LarCor
in stock

Get FREE delivery on Two Larsen Traps / Crow Combination Traps

Just want a few extra cable ties ? pack of 36 cable ties this will allow you to build up your trap after the out of season storage

Product:Two Larsen / Crow combination traps FREE UK mainland delivery
Product Code: LarCor2
in stock

Catching your fist call bird is the difficult part, bait the trap with broken egg shells, meat scraps, even aluminum foil or mirrored glass sometimes works too. Once caught transfer the bird to the decoy compatment.

You MUST provide the decoy bird with food, water, shelter, room to stretch its wings and you MUST inspect the trap at least every day.

larsen combination trap set for crows twin side entry and decoy

larsen combination trap set for crows twin side entry and decoy

In the UK it is illegal to use a larsen or corvid trap to catch other bird species
You may require a license to operate this trap. The larsen trap when not in use must have all doors tied in closed

The important factor with a Larsen or Corvid trap is that it uses a live decoy bird.

You MUST provide the decoy bird with food, water, shelter, room to stretch its wings and you MUST inspect the trap at least every day.

combination larsen trap set for magpies twin top entry and decoy

combination larsen trap set for magpies twin top entry and decoy

Larsen traps are best set during the run-up to the breeding season. and exploits the crow or magpie's strong territorial urges. A live magpie or crow placed in the largest compartment acts as a decoy, while the doors to the smaller chambers are propped open with collapsible perch triggers and baited with an egg or carrion. Incensed by the sight of a stranger, neighboring magpies come to investigate. They are caught when they alight on the split perch and trigger the sprung door.

combination larsen set to catch both crows and magpies NO DECOY

combination larsen set to catch both crows and magpies NO DECOY

Click here to see the relevant legalities of using a larsen trap

Cheaper twin top entry Magpie trap

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