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UK Trap Maker........ Trap Man 14" Family rat trap good discounts on 6+...........wind up mouse trap...........Duffus tunnel type mole trap.......... Scissor mole trap ......................Folding rabbit trap discount on 9+.... multi mouse trap...............Larsen Magpie trap.....crow trap.....pigeon spikes......gull spikes...............Magpie trap...................crayfish trap..........Trap Man Rabbit trap, good discounts on 4+...........mouse traps,.........multi catch mouse traps, .........humane mouse traps..............Red Squirrel Feeder.....Grey squirrel trap............Trap Man makes squirrel traps ................. Trap Man Humane Squirrel Trap........................... Trap Man Feral cat traps ......... ...............Fox Traps.......... Crayfish Trap .............rat killer POISON.......Fox Traps.......Crow Trap........The Trap Man . Remember Trap Man, UK Trap maker...................
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N.B. Check the trap often and by UK law at least once per day, ideally dusk & dawn. You must release unharmed, any non target animals. No method of trapping is without the risk of causing harm. The important thing is that we all strive to avoid any unnecessary suffering. You may be require to hold a license to operate some traps, advice & forms HERE. We sell traps all round the world it's your responsibility to check the relevant laws in your country

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Pest control in your area, discreet professional pest control.

Avian Systems, Preston Lancashire.

Bird Managment & Pest Control Specialists Tel 01772 746152

Avian Systems is a growing business, offering bird control and insect control to clients throughout the local area. The company, which is located in Penwortham (Preston), began trading in 2006 and has 20 years experience in the Pest Control profession. Avian Systems is a member of the NPTA. 

Alpha Pest Control Preston Lancashire & Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire

At Alpha Pest Control we believe in providing our customers with a specialised service tailored to each individual situation.

Office Contact Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

Tel: 0800 0925 999

Whether you are a domestic client with a household problem or a commercial business with a range of sites and pest control issues, you will receive a friendly, robust and cost effective service ensuring your problem is dealt with rapidly and with the least damage to the environment.

Ian Alderdice Pest Control

For pest control in Aberdeenshire


AB41 8PH

01358 761405

Humane Pest Control by an experienced and fully qualified pestcontrol expert for Residential and Commercial Premises in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Essex, London, Kent

If you still aren't sure whether we cover your area please

Call IN MY SIGHTS on Mobile: 07834 533583 Office: 0208 395 4498  

Residential Humane Pest Control by an experienced and fully qualified pestcontrol expert for Residential and Commercial Premises in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Essex, London, Kent


Pest & Vermin Control in Doncaster

37 Holmes Carr Road,New Rossington, DONCASTER, DN11 0QG

Tel: 01302 864442

BTP Environmental Services Ltd
Integrated Bird Management Systems,
Environmental Services & Pest Control

P.O Box 353
HP22 5WG

Tel & Fax: 01296 630 934



BTP Environmental Services is a pest control company providing a full range of pest control and wildlife management services. From fully integrated programmes for audited customers, to rodent and insect control programmes for domestic customers through to bird control and proofing.

Free pest control & crop protection, full insured with BASC

We can trap / shoot pigeons, rats, rabbit and also get help to deal with foxes and mink

Areas covered;- Mansfield, Chesterfield, Retford, Gainsbrough, Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Huddersfield, Wakefield.

Telephone Grant Ellis 07770616177 email

Wasp removal Surrey Area

0845 269 9277 8am - 10pm

07773  492944



We are a well-established PROFESSIONAL PEST CONTROL company based in North Wales


Complete Pest Control, Pest Management, Disinfecting, Fumigation & Exterminating Services


Red Squirrel Preservation, Grey Squirrel Management, Bird Control, Fox Control, Humane Trapping, Hunting.


free no obligation quote and/or site survey . 24 hour emergency call-out 7 days a week . Fully insured. Free advice. Yearly contracts or one-off service

07964 972 121

01248 660 503

Colwyn Bay
01492 550 425

PESTFORCE NORTH WALES are fully compliant with Health & Safety/COSHH/Risk/ Regulations the BRITISH PEST MANAGEMENT MANUAL & members of THE GUILD OF BRITISH MOLE CATCHERS


Game and Vermin Control 

Our range of Game and Pest Control services is unequalled and carried out by a qualified, dedicated and experienced team. Our helpful technicians will eradicate your problems and advise on how to prevent further issues.

Whatever your problem, from a one-off Wasp nest removal to a full on-going Pest Prevention Program, we can provide you with the service and backup you need.

We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to respond to your problems in Berkshire and all surrounding counties; Bucks., Hants, Middx, Oxon, Surrey, Wilts. Regional offices in Bisley, Daventry, Ledbury, St. Albans and Swindon.

Tel 07779936218
Pest Controlers, want a free listing ? email sales @ trapman (no gaps)