Rats taking food but not setting off the trap How to fix

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Rats taking food but not setting off the trap ?

How to fix the issue on a TrapMan family rat trap.

Read the family rat trap setting instructions

How not to set a trapman family rat trap
How not to set a TrapMan family rat trap

The loose setting bar should be attached to the second horizontal bar on the door, not on the cage.

correctly attached setting bar
Correctly attached setting bar
correctly set family rat trap
Correctly set family rat trap

The bait, half cooked bacon or our dried meat bait

Our dried meat bait should be reconstituted by soaking overnight, this should be wire wrapped to the bait hook in a similar manor to gladiator sandals are fitted to your calf. this method prevents the rat chewing at the bait ….rather getting him to pull at the bait which in turn dislodges the setting bar from the loop, closing the door entrapping the rat in the cage


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