The Trap Man UK manufacturers & suppliers of humane cage traps.
UK Trap Maker........ Trap Man 14" Family rat trap good discounts on 6+...........wind up mouse trap...........Duffus tunnel type mole trap.......... Scissor mole trap ......................Folding rabbit trap £19.99 discount on 6+.... multi mouse trap...............Larsen Magpie trap.....crow trap.....pigeon spikes......gull spikes...............Magpie trap...................crayfish trap..........Trap Man Rabbit trap, good discounts on 4+...........mouse traps,.........multi catch mouse traps, .........humane mouse traps..............Red Squirrel Feeder.....Grey squirrel trap............Trap Man makes squirrel traps ................. Trap Man Humane Squirrel Trap........................... Trap Man Feral cat traps ......... ...............Fox Traps.......... Crayfish Trap .............RACO rat killer POISON.......Fox Traps.......Crow Trap........The Trap Man . Remember Trap Man, UK Trap maker...................
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N.B. Check the trap often and by UK law at least once per day, ideally dusk & dawn. You must release unharmed, any non target animals. No method of trapping is without the risk of causing harm. The important thing is that we all strive to avoid any unnecessary suffering. You may be require to hold a license to operate some traps, advice & forms HERE. We sell traps all round the world it's your responsibility to check the relevant laws in your country

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Traps Live Catch & Humane Traps
Live catch & humane fox trap, rat trap, squirrel trap, mouse trap, feral cat trap, rabbit trap, rat trap, magpie trap, mink trap, mole trap, feral pigeon trap, mouse trap, pheasant trap, crow trap, starling trap and other humane cage traps.

rabbit traps, humane single catch rabbit trap, folding rabbit trap and pro gold rabbit trap rat traps squirrel traps, single catch sqiuirrel trap, pro gold squirrel trap and run through squirrel trap
Rabbit Traps Rat Traps Squirrel Traps

UK Trap maker The Trap Man
The Trap Man. UK Trap manufacturers & suppliers of humane and live catch animal / vermin traps Next working day delivery available from our own large stocks. These include humane rabbit traps (single catch rabbit trap, folding rabbit trap and professional rabbit trap,) rat traps (kill type rat traps wooden rat trap, selfset rat trap, humane rat traps monarch rat trap, family 14" rat trap, . mole traps ( scissor mole trap, tunnel mole trap., fenn mole trap, feral dog trap. Humane mouse traps ( multi catch mouse trap, wind-up mouse trap , kill type mouse traps, selfset mouse traps, pheasant trap, feral pigeon trap, wood pigeon trap, humane feral cat traps (feral cat trap, pro cat trap) , squirrel trap (squirrel trap. pro squirrel trap & run through squirrel trap) , fox traps, longer fox trap, magpie trap ,larsen trap, crow trap, rook trap and humane mink traps ( mink trap and run through mink trap ).Crayfish traps

rat bait boxes mouse traps, wind up mouse traps, multi catch mouse trap, metal mouse traps plastic owl decoy bird mole traps | scissor mole traps | tunnel mole traps | Genuine Fenn Mole traps
Rat Bait Boxes Mouse Traps Decoy Scarers Mole Traps

We keep our trap prices low by conducting all our business over the Internet, via e mail or directly from the relavent animal trap page. The Trap Man does NOT have a shop! just a large warehouse & trap workshop, our traps can only be purchased online or from one of our Trap distributors

Many other trap designs are available for manufacture to order, including live single catch humane traps, run through traps, tube traps, barrel traps and live multi catch humane traps, for skunks, squirrel, mink, muskrats, badger traps, weasels, chipmunks, badger trap, bobcat, beaver, small dog, armadillo, pheasant, coypu, raccoon's, skunk, porcupines, opossums, glisglis, gophers, wild boar, ferrets and almost all other small or large animals
Special traps built to order
Discounts for very large wholesale orders, drop shipping for established distributors

Fox traps made by The TrapMan humane and effective, thousands sold Feral cat traps proudly made in England by The TrapMan Larsen traps, magpie traps, crow traps made in England by The TrapMan & approved for use in England, Wales and Scotland with a trap tag
Fox Traps Feral Cat Traps Magpie Traps

Next day delivery available

Full case of Twenty Rat Bait Stations £64.99

Mk4 Fenn Traps & Fenn protection cage

Pack of six squirrel traps

Nine Trap Man Squirrel traps

Pack of four rabbit traps

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Tip of the day
A mouse trap, placed on top on of your alarm clock will prevent you from going back to sleep

Remember The Trap Man gives you E mail help for as long as you own your trap, just quote your invoice number.


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