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N.B. Check the trap often and by UK law at least once per day, ideally dusk & dawn. You must release unharmed, any non target animals. No method of trapping is without the risk of causing harm. The important thing is that we all strive to avoid any unnecessary suffering. You may be require to hold a license to operate some traps, advice & forms HERE. We sell traps all round the world it's your responsibility to check the relevant laws in your country

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Trap Man Squirrel Trap, Live catch Humane Squirrel trap, long & large enough to catch all the squirrel, UK approved live capture squirrel trap
No trapped Squirrel tail's in our humane Squirrel trap

Question : How do you humanely catch a grey squirrel ?
Answer : The Trap Man humane squirrel trap

Grey squirrel trap,The only humane and effective defence against squirrel damage in your loft or garden. Live capture so inadvertently trapped animals such as red squirrels, cats, hedgehogs or birds can be released without harm or injury.

trap man squirrel trap

Grey Squirrel Trap, single boxed or in packs of six squirrel traps

Trap Man Squirrel Trap comes fully assembled and ready to use with detailed instructions. Can also be used to securely carry the squirrel with out it biting your fingers.

Squirrel catching kit for gardens (outdoors)
All you need to catch a grey squirrel in your garden.

Live catch humane Squirrel Trap be sure you thoroughly understand the squirrel trap directions, supplied with each trap. Peanut butter or snicker bar is considered the best bait for a catching a squirrel in your loft or garden. Placing a teaspoonful of peanut butter through the bars onto the treadle or a cube of snicker bar clipped to the treadle plate with a paper clip usually works best.
minstry approved  humane squirrel trap
Your first step
to catch your Grey Squirrel is to do a little detective work. Find the path that the squirrel is using to your loft or where ever it shouldn't be. To find this path, you must first watch your grey squirrel's routine. Normally, a grey squirrel will leave the nest at daybreak or shortly after in search of food. If you can get up this early and stay awake it's the best time to watch and wait. Find a place where you can view your house and the squirrel's entrance hole. Be very still, and watch how the squirrel gets to or from it's home to your's. E.g. climbing, jumping or both. Once you discover this path, you should place the Trap Man humane live catch squirrel trap accordingly.

trap man squirrel trap door opener

Always place Trap-Man humane live capture squirrel trap on a stable surface, such as the ground, a flat roof or in the loft space on a solid board. If you can put up with the squirrel's antics for a few days leave the Trap-Man humane live catch squirrel trap open but not baited, with the door tied up, so the squirrel will accept it as part of its normal area. You should also consider what if any other animals might be in the area of the Trap-Man humane live catch squirrel cage trap. Since a cat, dog, hedgehog or even a bird may be tempted into your trap. (We have been told of catching magpie's in our squirrel traps) Ideally you must be able to see or hear the Trap-Man humane live catch squirrel trap operate, so it would be best to set it only when you have the time to watch or listen for the Trap-Man humane live catch squirrel trap to operate. In the UK it is an offense not to check on the trap at least once per day

Take a look at our Newly improved squirrel trap

A squirrel trap that's just that bit better with a clear plastic sliding rear door for ease of baiting and squirrel removal.

See our Pro Gold range of squirrel traps

pro gold squirrel trap, when only the best squirrel trap will do!

No baiting required with our run through squirrel trap, just set the squirrel trap along a wall, check on it regularly and at least twice a day.

Look at our run through squirrel trap

No baiting required with our run through squirrel trap, just set the squirrel trap along a wall, check on it regularly and at least twice a day.

Squirrel Trap Divider Comb makes getting the squirrel out much easier

Squirrel Trap Divider Comb makes getting the squirrel out much easier


Multi catch grey squirrel trap

Multi catch grey squirrel trap for trapping lots of squirrrels

Large multi catch grey squirrel trap


Simple Squirrel Trap

Simple squirrel trap as it's name implies this trap catches squirrels and is simple in its design and operation, best of all it's made by TrapMan so will give years of service

Simple squirrel trap as it's name implies this trap catches squirrels and is simple in its design and operation, best of all it's made by TrapMan so will give years of service


Squirrel catching kit for lofts, attics and roof space (indoors)
All you need to catch a grey squirrel in your loft.

squirrel catching loft kit

Squirrel catching kit for lofts, attics and roof space (indoors)
All you need to catch a grey squirrel in your loft.

Once a squirrel is trapped in the Trap Man humane live catch squirrel trap it must be removed as quickly as possible to prevent stress to the squirrel. In cold or wet weather it is better to cover the top of The Trap Man squirrel trap with a sack, towel or one of our galvanised trap covers to prevent the captured squirrel dying from exposure. Wear heavy gauntlet type work gloves (available here) while handling the squirrel and trap. Be prepared to listen to a lot of screaming from the squirrel and your spouse. The captured squirrel is not going to be happy and it's going to let you know it's not !

One trap man squirrel trap box and setting instructions

Grey Squirrel-Trap, single boxed or in a pack-of-six-squirrel-traps

Trap Man squirrel trap is manufactured from extremely strong resistance welded steel mesh with 2mm diameter wire, with 25mm x 25mm (1"x1") squares, which is electro galvanised after manufacture, to give a long lasting design that will give you years of service.

Trap Man humane squirrel trap is designed large and long enough to hold all the squirrel, no trapped tails in this squirrel trap. Unlike other so called "rat traps / squirrel traps that aren't . Dimensions 150mm x 175mm x 545mm (23"x7"x6") The Trap-Man squirrel trap has a 4.5mm diameter galvanised door lock, strong single spring operated door, which is recessed, this allows you to set the trap flush against a building or soffit board over the opening that the grey squirrel is using. An exterior door opening handle is fitted for easy trap setting and grey squirrel removal.. High tensile steel setting rod with a solid, wide galvanised treadle plate and a large long carrying handle, so your fingers don't get bitten.

Trap grey squirrels to save our native red squirrels

Don't be confused by cheap imitations or imported copies clipped together with hog rings, c clips, plastic ties or tied with wire, The Trap Man squirrel trap is built to last, by ourselves in our own workshop, the professional's choice, as used and approved for use, by UK local authorities, environmental health, pest control companies, national park authorities, university's, collage's and the environment agency

Single action to unlock and open the door

Easy, Simple and Quick to set

Sprung door lock, shuts door and keeps it shut, squirrel can't get out even if the trap tips over

Exterior door release lever for safe capture removal

Easy, Simple and Quick

Made in our own workshop

Take a closer look at The Trap Man squirrel trap

Our superior trap manufacturing . v . Other's


Strong gantlet gloves, although not puncture proof these gloves will offer some protection from the claws and teeth of a captured feral cat, grey squirrel, rabbit or other captured animal. colours vary

Product: Pair of gauntlet gloves
Product Code: AF265
in stock

Checking the trap
Once the trap is set it must, by UK law, be visited at least once a day. We would recommend more frequent checking; in woodland situations early in the morning and again before dark; in gardens, check every few hours. If the bait is being eaten and the trap is not being tripped the probable reason are that mice or similar small animals are taking the bait the animals are not heavy enough to trip the trap, if you suspect this is happening raise the trap clear of the gound

Mk4 Fenn trap and protection cage

These Mk4 Fenn traps are designed to kill grey squirrels, they will break bones in your hand, if you don't understand their use or how to properly set a Mk4 Fenn Trap don't buy these traps. All that said the Mk4 Fenn spring trap is designed and approved to kill grey squirrels, kill rats, kill stoats and to a lesser extent kill mink.


Red Squirrel BAP

Lancashire gardeners urged to trap grey squirrels

Pesky Squirrels ! by Cliff Adderton

Trap grey squirrels to save our native red squirrels

Learn more about Squirrel's and traps at Jim's Home Repair Stuff website

Your not alone! Squirrel's The Unwanted House Guests by Rob Fish

Experience has shown that when greys start to arrive in an area where red squirrels are resident, the reds are generally gone within seven to 12 years

Squirrel Trap Feedback

Hello there,
You asked me to let you know how I got on with the squirrel trap I bought from you a few weeks back. Well we are now 3 squirrels the better. All have been caught with Snickers as bait. For the first week we didnít get anything but as our loft is obviously dark we left the light on and shut the loft door. One day later squirrel no1, 3 days later squirrel no2. Nothing for a week then we caught one but left it for an hour. By the time we got up there to retrieve the cage it had managed to somehow escape. Must have been half in and half out. 2 days later squirrel no3. Very angry, running up and down the cage head butting the gate!!
All in all I would recommend your cages to anybody. Easily set, well made and most importantly they work! All the best and thanks for your help and advice, Regards, G D

I am very impressed. I ordered a squirrel trap on Friday and it was delivered at lunchtime today (Tuesday) as promised. I baited it and trapped my first squirrel after just 2 hours. Great service, great product.

Dear trap man
We used the trap today for the first time. We caught 4 squirrels in 2 hours. As far as we know these were the only 4 using our garden regularly (no doubt we shall be proved mistaken of course), The results speak for themselves.
Absolutely excellent.It was effective and easy to use and painless to the squirrels

Trap Man Squirrel Trap......... .......
Did exactly as it said on the tin!! Caught the little beggar in my loft 36 hours after setting trap (with peanut butter, crunchy type), and have now got rid of it and blocked up the hole to stop its mates getting in!.
Worth every penny - no more chewed light cables and loft beams!
Cheers P.

I have used three different traps over the years and yours is by far the best both in terms of how it operates and how it is made. Its a dream to use compared with the previous difficulties I have had with temperamental setting devices on other traps. I have now caught 11 squirrels in about 5 days! The detailed information leaflet you supply with the trap also contains very useful data which none of the other suppliers have provided.
Thank you for a very good product at a sensible price.
C B, Berkshire

Hallo Trap man
I'm just sending you this quick e mail to thank you for your v quick service; the trap arrived as promised and before the Xmas break so I could get our resident squirrel used to it. After about a week, the squirrel trapped himself in it as his curiosity got the better of him. He doesn't live here anymore!
Thanks again. L J

Thank you for your exceptionally prompt and eficient service.
I had browsed your website thoroughly before placing my order and I was particularly impressed by the inclusion of a small number of dissatisfied customers on your feedback page. More than any other factor, this persuaded me that I should order the trap from your company, rather than one of yopur competitors. Your responses to these dissatisfied customers, coupled with the massive amount of extremely satisfied customers, indicated to me that your company was a reputable one.
The squirrel trap arrived the day after I had placed the order, just as you had promised. Since the infestation is in an utterly inaccessible part of my loft, I set it up the same evening at the closest possible location - which is about 10 feet away from the nest. Following your advice, I baited it with peanut butter, as well as a handful of dried cat food for added odour. Next evening, I had caught a very healthy, plump female squirrel. Never having seen an adult squirrel close-up before, I had not realised what attractive creatures they are - it is only a pity they do so much damage. I have now reset the trap, since I believe there are several more "just waiting their turn".
Although I noted from your feedback that your customers reported success within 24 hours, I was really rather dubious due to my particular circumstances. How pleased I am to have been wrong! I shall have no hesitation in recommending your company whenever appropriate and you are, of course, most welcome to use any part of this email as you may see fit. D B M W

Superb delivery time, many thanks. Squirrel sighted, trap set and first one caught within 20 minutes - brilliant. T H

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